Friday, February 24, 2017

Bewitching Peddlers

When something ends, we often grieve for it.  We feel a loss and sometimes it can last a lifetime. ​When Scott Smith made the announcement that he and Bill Gilmore would be retiring from show producing I lost my breathe for a minute at the thought of no Ghoultide Gathering. Then after I let the thought settle for a bit, I completely understood their decision to move on and make room for art to unfold at Rucus Studio. I am not new to event planning and thoughts began to swirl in my head about how we could hold this gathering of artists together. I immediately called Joe and we talked about how and if we were ready to move forward with our own event. It is our hope to honor the excellence that Scott and Bill created. Throughout the past 10 years, Scott found and grew the very best in the genre of fine Halloween art. He created a truly bewitching cast of characters; I will be forever grateful to have been part of it all.
Joe and I will be casting our own spell of Halloween enchantment in the Fall of 2017 at the fairgrounds of Chelsea, MI. We will continue to offer you a hand selected group of the very best in Halloween art. We know that transition is hard, but we hope that handling this show with respect and dedication will make it less of a transition and more of a new experience of Halloween magic. Many of the same artists that participated in Ghoultide Gathering will return and we will add some new artists to the show as well.
We think in the color of Halloween all the year through and we will bring you a show that is pure magic. It is with wicked glee that I announce to you:
Bewitching Peddlers
~A Tradition of Magical Offerings

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