Saturday, October 1, 2016

Faces and places of Ghoultide Gathering

Photo credit: Folk for All Seasons :) Thank you!

Like a sweet magical dream, Ghoultide Gathering weekend came and then swiftly blew away like the fall leaves.  Since this was the 10th anniversary of the show, it was really top notch! Booth set ups were ah-mazeing, art was to die for, and the people came out in DROVES!

Photo Credit: Lori Ann Corelis, thank you! Bill Gilmore and Scott Smith... Curators, producers and artists for Ghoultide Gathering.

We set up our booth space for the first time on site. We usually do a trial run at home, but due to the size of the booth set, we just couldn't put it together at home. So many elements came together to create the environment for my Prim Pumpkins.

Prim Pumpkin

Prim Pumpkin

My booth space is a bit different every year, so our garage is starting to over flow with props.  We decided to repurpose things this year that we already had. A coat of paint was all we used in most respects to transform our existing items into a Prim Pumpkin magical land!
Prim Pumpkin

I made a new sign this year from an antique piece of wood that came from a glorious manor house in Michigan.  There were two of these pieces of wood, which are super heavy! The other had "just sold" so said the owner of the antique shop, so we bought the piece and carted it home for the project. 

Prim Pumpkin

Photo credit goes to: Folk For All Season :) Thank you

As the co-curator of the show, Scott Smith, shouted "doors are open!"  The floor began to fill up with eager Halloween seekers! Many of these folks had been waiting in line for the event to open since Wednesday evening, now keep in mind... the show did not open until Saturday morning at 8am., that is utter dedication.  And, this is why we can't do early sales... it would deter this type of dedication to Ghoultide Gathering.  As the dust begins to settle, many of our friends and collectors have described the show as their personal version of Christmas morning.

My lovely husband and I moments before the doors opened!

The booth began to fill quickly with shoppers who made their selections. I heard from so many people that this year was the HARDEST year when trying to pick out a Prim Pumpkin, because each face was so expressive. This made me feel like I had done my job with some sort of success because so many of the dolls "spoke" to the collectors deeply. 
Prim Pumpkin

The line was long and the people clutching dolls was just the best feeling, I should have taken a picture but I would have felt like a ding dong.
Photo Credit: Kristen Shearer :) thank you!
a giant Death Head Hawk Moth above my booth!

As an artist at the show I was amazed too. I too, stood in awe at Paul Gordon's Skeleton lady as he told of her slippers, which were butter soft leather on the bottom. He left just enough space between the bones of her feet to the gap of the shoes to leave the illusion that skin and flesh had once been there.  Still as I think of it, I am in awe.

Paul Gordon
Paul Gordon photo credit: Melissa Belanger

Every single artist brought their best, but it was even better than the best, if that is possible. It's like we set up our booths and after we left that night Scott Smith went back through and sprinkled enchantment on everything.  
Nina Vivian Huryn

Mealy Monster Land
Folk for all Seasons

The Spotted Hare

David Shilling

I was lucky to have Melissa and Joe as my neighbor's this year.... Such lovely neighbors!

Sheila Bentley

Sam Keck

Phil & Nicol Sayre and Nancy & Rick Malay
Jody Battaglia Photo credit: Melissa Belanger

Sherry and Sheila set up!

Scott Smith's booth

Scott Smith's booth

Donald Vanauken

My friend and I posing with her new Prim Pumpkin called the Doll Collector! We are looking up to avoid chin! lol
Jerry and Darla Arnold  Photo Credit: Melissa Belanger
My parents and the kids at Ghoultide

Joyce Stahl

Joyce Stahl

David Bruce

Dustin Poche

Dustin Poche

David Shilling

Allen Cunningham with his lovely assistant Wendy standing off to the side.

Lucky and  Carl Stradley

Audrey Swarz

North Forest Studio

Cassandra Graham's booth

Me and Melissa Belanger
Signing the cover of Art Doll Quarterly!

The whole gang!

My Family Photo credit Kristen Shearer

Kristen Shearer, that pink haired girl and Heather Trudeau
Me and Kristen Stafford! :)

Joe Takens and Memory Wilson

Joyce Stahl, Nancy Malay and me

Dustin Poche and Sam Keck

Rennie and David Shilling

Joyce from Enchanted Productions me from Prim Pumpkin  and Memory Wilson of Bunny ears land!

There was a wonderful energy this year! Dates have not been released yet, but you must try to make it in 2017.

This is Tilda. She reminds me so much of Tilda Swinton! I was so happy that she found her new home!

Prim Pumpkin
This was my ornementy piece for the year.  They were much more involved than I had originally thought and were limited to 9 pieces this year! I love vintage and antique doll and pull dolls are no exception. The have hand blown glass eyes and are all 100% had cut and hand painted!

Prim Pumpkin

This pieces is called Peggy Pig Tails. I loved it when people would come into my booth and ask for dolls by name. Such is the case with Peggy! She has a certain amount of sweet and an equal amount of squish. I love making Skellies so much and I am planning on more than 1 or 2 for 2017.

Prim Pumpkin

The good news is I sold out! Every Prim Pumpkin found a merry home.  I am so grateful for that!
I have been asked by a few collectors that missed pieces if I do commissions.  I have to say I don't.  I've tried it and it does not give me creative freedom to create whatever happens in the studio and my vision never matches your vision. I am trying very hard to get a small group ready to go before Halloween though, stay tuned on that front!