Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ghoultide Magic 2015

The mysterious veil of Ghoultide Gathering

It is no surprise that I am so incredibly grateful to be an exhibiting artist with Ghoultide Gathering.  There is a veil of magic and mystery surrounding the event. When the curators of the show, Scott Smith and Bill Gilmore, hand select the artists they do so with the utmost care.  They pick artists that are able to carry magic on their backs and unpack it ravenously, spilling out genuine bits of complexities oddities and pure soul.

When we each arrive there is little time for anything more that making our booth spaces enchanted. As if by magic or dream the fairgrounds building begins to fill with energy and art. By the time we are all set up you can look around and see how each of us spent our summer vacation! Booths are no longer spots on the floor with our names chalked inside. They are brimming with things that we made. Art created slowly, one piece at a time with our own hands in our little studios.  Each piece of artwork adds to the magic of the event.  When you have over 35 artists all working towards the commonality of creating an experience the end result is pretty amazing. 

My favorite mosaic of Fall.

This was the beginning of the set up outside of the Ghoultide building. So many gorgeous shades of orange greeted the guests with happy smiles! 
Giant pumpkin man by Scott Smith

I remember them from my very first trip to Ghoultide Gathering with my mom and my little boy so many years ago! I'd have one in my home if I could.  Art by Scott Smith.
This is one of my favorite pictures.
This pumpkin man is waiting to be reunited with his body!

even the ceiling is magical.
My booth set up is always pretty involved.  My husband has completely given up on the idea of a man cave type of garage. He inhales glitter pretty much daily. So when we dream up a whimsical Halloween display, he is all in! I overheard him tell his friend Murphy (Joyce Stahl's husband),  that he had gone to the dark side, woefully admitting to purchasing spray glitter for a project!

This was taken as we set up the display. I had hanging dolls this year for the collector that is running out of room and needs vertical hanging pumpkins!
Every year I offer a few one of a kind ornaments.  This year they went like hot cakes! I really didn't know if I'd have time to offer ornaments this time, but it's very important to me to offer pieces in a variety of price points. I remember my first time at Ghoultide and I wanted something from so many artists.  I remember that feeling of spending every spare cent on art and with each purchase justifying it by thinking ... I'll eat ramen noodles... I hate ramen. So, I really try to have Prim Pumpkins from 45.00 and up.

This is my hand painted Prim Pumpkin sign, I think I will work on a new on for next year as this one has been with us for 4 years! As I created in a bustle I realized that my table coverings of 2014 would not be usable again due to a laundering mishap. So my friend Denny graciously offered to help me! She came over while we were constructing the booth and shared my vision for my table covering.  I had some luscious fabric on hand, being the textile collector that I am, and Denny stitched this beauty together.  My machine will barely handle thick fabrics like this, so I am very thankful that she wanted to help me! Thank you Denny!!!!
This is the inside of the haunted dollhouse, filled with pumpkins!

A new addition to our booth, the pumpkin cart!!

I want this house inside our house, but it wont' fit!!!! The whole time I worked on this house I was thinking of it for my little girls room! It's so enchanted. I am not sure with the direction on it now.  It was the prefect thing for the booth!

Lovely Lacey face! Gone to live with our friend Barbara.

Prim Pumpkin 2015

 My lovely husband Joe and my daughter Willoughby, who at two years old did the very best darn job she could at a show a huge as this one!
Sherrie Taylor of

Scott Smith's booth pre-show

Melissa Belanger's adorable booth

Nicol Sayre always has a lovely display, she was one of the first artists in the Halloween genre that I followed. She is absolutely the nicest artist you'd ever want to meet.

David Barber & Paul Wizynajtys Man in the Moon Metalworks

Tammy Speicher, By thy hands Tinkerings

GAH! I can't believe I didn't get a close up of Cassandra Graham's work! 

The spotted hare by LoriAnn Corelis Lori Ann is so fun to talk to, I love her work and her booth space is so inviting!

PaperMoon Gallery by Kerry Schmidt

Pam Gracia of Soft in the Head

Mealy Monster Land, Nicole Johnson

Dustin Poche,

Lori Hough

Carolee Clark, King of Mice Studios

Skeleton d├ęcor by Scott Smith Debra Schoch

Vergie Lightfoot

Beary Best Friends Jody Battaglia

Allen Cunningham

Audrey Swarz

Paul Gordon

Paul Gordon

Paul Gordon

Donald VanAuken Goomy Land Studios

Dustin Poche

Dustin Poche

Dustin Poche

Paul Gordon

David Bruce or the Acorn Cottage

Debbie Hawkins of Hebejebes

We missed Darla this year but Jerry Arnold had a lovely booth!

David Bruce 

Aron Lowe

William Bezek of

Laurie Hardin of Monkey-Cats Studio

Laurie Hardin

Sherrie Taylor

Joyce Stahl of Enchanted Productions

I wanted Vincent so bad, but I am happy about who ended up taking him home!

Joyce Stahl

Joyce and team Enchanted really put together a wonderful booth! I only had a few minutes to look, but I think it was the best ever!
Sherrie Taylor

I love this picture!

Joe Scott and Bill

 Right before the doors opened the air crackled with energy! Every single artist in the building had a wonderful booth and lovely art. If you didn't make it this time, make plans now for Ghoultide Gathering 2016. It is scheduled for September 24th! It will be the 10 year anniversary.