Friday, September 18, 2015

timey wimey

it was horribly early!!

I needed time away, not from you... glorious lover of Prim Pumpkin, but from the feeling that I had to post something. I don't always just want to show you my new works.  I want to tell you about the process, the people who inspire me, my husband, my little children, school, and times when I am cross, things that frustrate me and the delights....

 I think about so many things to tell you, art related and then not so much art related that I have a hard time starting again.  My son lost two teeth in one week, he has grown so much this year. He has lost his little boy look and he is easing into a new phase.  My wild boy! My little girl can say her ABC's and recite great big gobs of greasy, grimy gofer guts... She's all of two and fierce as wild fire. 

I have lots to tell you dear friends! :)