Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ghoultide Gathering set up and wrap up

The show
Late the night before the show friends, collectors (soon to be friends) and Halloween art enthusiasts gathered. Some folks pack their bags and hopped on a plane and some left early with many days of driving ahead to reach Chelsea, MI in time for Ghoultide Gathering.  This is collective dedication my friends, at it's finest. The patrons were eager to see what the artists brought and they were careful in plotting a course to their favorite artists. 
The entrance to the show is just a detail oriented and fine tuned as everything else. 

Deep within the inner sanctum of the barn at Chelsea fairgrounds a magic spell was taking hold.  The room of wood, cement and metal was filling up with one of a kind Halloween art. Sculpture, paintings, pottery, dolls, fiber arts and fine folk art  was being carted in with care and set up.  We carried in our booth set up, as did all of the other artists, and began to assemble something that resembled magic.  Each of the artists participating in the show  have a personal responsibility to create something really special for the patrons. We really take it to heart. :)   

Willow is a Ghoultide baby! She was so good during the rigorous 6 hour set up! 

  This was last year.... What a difference a year makes!
 My Prim Pumpkin theme this year was "Prim Pumpkin Woods"  I wanted to create the feel of an enchanted forest on Halloween night. The pumpkins and creature folk were all giddy with delight as the pumpkin hour approached. 
 My pumpkin husband loved my vision of an enchanted forest (little did he know the sheer magnitude of glitter this would entail) he helped me so much to bring my vision to life!
 It's such a unbelievable thing for me to see a body of my work all together like this. This picture reminds me of a fancy shot of a French macaroon stand with all of the soft colors!
 I debuted a new ornament style this year! I really didn't think I would have time to make enough of them to make an impact but just like most artists, I work well under pressure and I pulled it off!!
I think they are they perfect blend of shabby vintage Halloween! I am really pleased with them and my collectors really took to them! You will see them back next year.
Below, I am going to share some of my work! enjoy :)



The show was nothing short of amazing! I thank each and every one of you who made the journey and fell in love with Prim Pumpkin!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The wings of a show!

Ghoultide Gathering is October 4th in Chelsea Michigan.  It's a celebration of Halloween art, but it way more that just an art show.   The show is curated by Scott Smith and Bill Gilmore of Rucus Studio. They hand pick the artisans that they think would rise to the challenge of bringing their very best to the show.  Each artist has a personal responsibility to create a booth display to show their work and create simply out of this world art. 

Patrons come to Ghoultide from all over the country and stand in line hours early to be the first to scurry to their favorite artists table. Artists dream of participating in this show and collectors dream of what treasures they will acquire!

Even deeper is the comradery that we feel towards each other.   As artists we work mostly alone.  So the opportunity to see like-minded souls is so exciting.  Ghoultide Gathering has wings, really really big wings and as we get close she wraps her wings around us and pulls us close. 

I am so excited for the show and I am really excited to see my friends!

The pumpkin's are packed and ready to make the journey.  
The witches are already casting spells to get out of the boxes!

See you there!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ghoultide prep!

What a big year this has been for Prim Pumpkin. I am feeling all reflecty as I get ready for Ghoultide Gathering. Ghoultide is the only show I do all year and I create with all of my heart in preparation for the event. My husband helps bring my visions to reality with my display and my dolls kind of rejoice in their new vignette after being cooped up in my studio.
My work has really taken root this year. My style has deepened and I am happy with the evolution and direction. I am so happy to have my work featured in PRIMS magazine Fall issue on newsstands now! I also received word that one of my dolls will be in Art Doll Quarterly this Spring.
I am getting steady emails from shopkeepers who want Prim Pumpkin's in their stores, and I am happily researching the possibilities. When I get done with the show, I will be hosting a web sale on Tuesday October 7th. Hope to see you for that!