Thursday, July 24, 2014

Set the world afire!

This is the first in my apple magic series and she is sold! :)
These days I am learning to hold the hand

of my younger self and say:

There there my dear one,

your dreams were simply too small.

You ask for a pretty painted shell

when life wants to give you the ocean.

You ask for a picket fence

when life wants to leave you free

to run your wild horses.

You ask for a star

on a neglected downtrodden boulevard

when life has already prepared

a place for you to light up the sky.

You ask for love

when life wants to show you

what it is to be consumed with love

and set fire to this world with your flames.

~ BethAnne Kapansky

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Dear ones,
This is one of my favorite quotes. Set the world afire with YOUR flame! aHHHHHH..... That sounds so right! Do you ever feel like YOU are your biggest dream defeater....Your own proverbial fireman throwing buckets of water on your flaming soul?
It's easy to do. We innately hold tight to our hope and often trust comes hard when we are getting ready to spread our wings.   
Let me tell you a secret... It's ok to trust. It's ok to believe in your work, sometime you will be the only one who does.....
As soon as you hold space and pound your drum for whatever is your bliss, you are hauling out the kindling and getting ready for a good ole fashioned love drenching. 
The thing I always struggle with, is this.  How much do I share... If I share works in progress, sometimes I see other artists jump right on my concept and that really pisses me off. So, I stopped sharing.
I want to share my work, I want you to fall in love..... but fear creeps in and raises it's ugly head. It's a tricky balance, this social media whirlwind we live in. And you know what? I don't want to live in fear that someone is beating down the door to create pumpkins like mine... I want to get to the place that I KNOW new artists are budding and blooming everyday. If I get 10 emails in a week asking step by step how I create my work, I want to acknowledged it not as someone trying to take the food from my family's mouth, but as an artist reaching out...  

You ask for a star

on a neglected downtrodden boulevard

when life has already prepared

a place for you to light up the sky.

I am going to try not to throw a bucket of water on my own fire. I want to show you my soul. If someone tries to snatch up my soul and claim it as their own, I need to trust that you will recognize that and you will have my back.
Spreading my wings,

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New callings

I missed you last week, Joe had the week off of work and we had lots of adventures with the wee ones.  Joe has decided rather serendipitously that he is going to quit glass blowing and become a coffin maker. Not really, but that's what he did a lot of on his week off. We work all year for one singular art show. We build our display and bring together some pretty awesome one of a kinds, but it really takes an entire year to bring it fully together! And a husband who share my vision for the macabre.  Last year we had coffins, but this year I will be offering C. O. F. F. I. N. S. They are off the hook cool all by themselves, just think about the joining of coffin and pumpkin!

ALSO... I am looking for a good home for my Theatre Girl. She is an original Prim Pumpkin art doll, holding a masked pumpkin and featuring a pumpkin in her theatre area. She was featured in last Fall's Art Doll Quarterly.   This piece has so much hand dyed fabric that it will make you salivate. She has one frosty eye, while both have been hand blown in my husbands glass studio. Pink hair is always kind of dreamy, I secretly wish I could pull it off in real life but alas, I don't think I could!   If you believe in Shabby Halloween clap your hands!
She is 250.00+shipping :)

LOve from the Prim Pumpkin Patch!