Monday, February 10, 2014

honoring the artist

Have you ever thought about trust. The word is tossed around quite a lot. But, I was thinking about it today... what does trust mean to me? Creatively, I put a lot of trust in my art community. I trust my friends with things that I tell them. I trust that as I express an idea in it's infancy that they will let me unfold the it, in it's time.

As we create in this wonderful place, we are networking and connecting with lovely people everyday. Each artist we meet  needs to know that we "see" them. That we see what they are doing. Honoring the divine artists in our community is akin to honoring the artist within. 

I challenge you this week to do this: acknowledge an artist, let her know that you see her, that what she is doing matters.

Because after the shows, galleries, magazines, books, articles and art, It's about trusting that idea that we have been seen, that what we do matters. 

 Greta Wade-Jenereaux, I see you... Your art doll work is second to none! You are an artist in the trade willing to help and share. Your girls are wild!

Emily Wohlscheid, I see you... Your fiber art and metal work have me in awe. It's like a fiber painting :)

Mary Sanders Lazenby,   I see you... I love your  work and I look forward to your posts on FB. Your Catrina's are the best!

Carolee Clark, I see you... your painting is so wonderful. It has such awesome depth. You capture Halloween.

Kaf Grimm I see you dear! Each doll you debut makes me smile

 Daphne Hardy I see you. You give life to Blythe. her smile has soul when you are done.

Joyce Stahl, I see you.  Often imitated, but never duplicated your character evoke the spirit of Halloween.

Trust that I see you