Thursday, January 30, 2014

New work for EHAG Emporium

It's EHAG emporium night! This is Grandma Casper, my offering for this evening. :) 
She is a one of a kind original work of art. I created her with the sentiments of protection and love. I used many different kinds of vintage fabric and she has hand made glass eyes in two different colors.

She stands on a shabby chic candle stick which is pretty weighty.
 If you are interested in her, just email me.
She is SOLD + Shipping
Check out the other cool artwork at the EHAG Emporium:)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Last week I had an interesting email. It was from someone who loves Prim Pumpkin (thank you) and wants to make dolls just like mine. She asked if I might do an online workshop on technique inspiration and a step by step tutorial of sorts. at first I was taken a back, mostly because I have done the work. I have tried and failed and out of failed attempts I have developed a recipe for what works. As any of you know, when you finally get a recipe right, it's a special thing. 

I felt like the email was saying something like this.... Hey, I like what you have spent the last 6 years of your creative energy on. I want to make something JUST like yours. Could you, for my benefit, package everything you have learned into a nice little package and give it to me?   What she was probable really saying was this, " Hey, I like what you do. Your work inspires me to want to create. Why don't you put together a workshop?

Which brings me to this:

"I am compelled to share what I have experienced in my own life -Namely, that small shifts in perspective make a huge difference" -Tracey Clark

My work is about happy, and I will continue in the vein. :)

This is worktable filled with secrets. my dreams spilled across it... my heart on top.

Love you this Wednesday.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

PLease PLay

When did I forget how to play?... When did I become more concerned with keeping the house clean than playing.... I promised myself that I would not forget.....

I am really upset at this fact... This pain in the ass realism of growing up. I am going back and reclaiming PLAY....