Friday, December 20, 2013

something new...

I want to make a declaration to the universe..... I just want to pour my hearts whisperings onto this page because powerful things are conspiring here at Prim Pumpkin.  Powerful because my heart is powerful and full of passion for my little dolls. The fairy energies are conspiring dear ones!
As I think back on the year, it was full of bumps and heartbreaks as  we lost my father in law, I had a wicked bout with mastitis(from breastfeeding), which required surgery and a broken shoulder for my boy.... My word for the year was Healing and it almost seemed like we did double time! 

Healing makes room for things anew. I have been working on new thing to show you.... I think you will be delighted!

I am making this declaration to the universe that I will make a book this year. It's really luscious and you are going to love it!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Don't Wait

Dear Darlings,

Don't wait to create, do it now. I know that I have been guilty of waiting. Waiting until I had more money to buy supplies... but now I know that I find comfort in using what is around me. Don't wait to make art because you want to take one more class or workshop because the only difference between you and them is that they have done the work to make their style authentically theirs.
 Don't be afraid to feel silly while your getting there. Just do the work and soon you will be in the middle of something all YOURS! Don't wait for the kids to grown up or start school because they are muses of grand  play, they keep your mind young and your imagination swirling with the fairies. Let them play and you will learn from  THEM. 

Just don't wait another day.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Miss Nibbles

Dear Pumpkin Diary,

I have an auction up right now.... Lots of offerings from the Prim Pumpkin right now.
Miss Nibbles
 I have the Pumpkin Belles available only on my blog as well.  I hope my pumpkins are well received and given lots of love when they reach their final destinations.  When they are here in my studio I give them lots of attention and love!
 Here is the auction link if you want to look, her auction ends on Sunday.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Pumpkin Belles!!!

When the magic of the season blends, certain unexpected things happen.  At the Prim Pumpkin house, pumpkin heads find their way up top a snow man. In fact they are not men at all, they are called Snow Belles. I am pleased with a giggle to offer you a very limited edition of my one of a kind holiday candy containers.  In my signature shade of pumpkin charm, these girls will dress up the most hum bug of corners in your festive cottage.  Often well received as gifts!
Prim Pumpkin brings you:
Pumpkin Belles……in various stages of melt!

8.5 inches tall
5.00 for shipping
if you are interested in making her yours, email me for my paypal info.


Small… now on ebay
 6.5 inches tall.
5.00 shipping
if you are interested in making her yours, email me for my paypal info.