Friday, October 25, 2013

Who won, Who won you ask????

I put you to up to the challenge of showing your best Halloween décor and traditions.  I was in awe as I read all of the emails and looked at your amazing décor.  It seems as the crisp bite of fall wisps through our homes so does the wisp of creativity. Thanks to everyone for sharing. 
If you remember, I said I would select one person and feature their traditions or décor.... and the winner is:
*Joe Morgan*
 I had the honor of meeting Joe at Ghoultide Gathering. I really enjoyed your photo's Joe and I am happy to add to your collection!
One Prim Pumpkin original is headed your way! :)
Joe festoon's his home with many works of art, not only mine, but that of my wicked Ghoultide pals! All of the following images are from Joe.

Look at this sweetie!
And this is the original Prim Pumpkin that Joe won! Please accept this gift as a token of Fall and all that is good this season.

Monday, October 21, 2013

How do you merry make?

Prim Pumpkin Studio ...
As an artist of Halloween magic, sometimes the season gets buy me and I find myself wrapped up in the actual creating of works and I loose time. This year I have made more of a concentrated effort to festoon my home. It is my hope that Halloween will hold such powerful memories for my small children. I want them to welcome the crispness of Fall as it rides in on a cloud and remember the honest and true traditions that we hold so dear as a family.
My sweet Halloween tree!...

Do you make Merry at Halloween? I'd love to see your pictures of your own décor and Halloween traditions. This is a contest. :) I will feature your traditions and pictures on my blog on Friday 10/25. One lucky reader will receive a wonderful trick or treat from my home to yours!

Dining room, the witches have landed!...

How to enter:
email your entry to:  please put "traditions" in the subject line.

This is going to be fun!

Would you like news from Prim Pumpkin?

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Blog Sale is Live!

Welcome Dearies….

Get your grabby hands ready, here we go!  If you find a piece that steals your heart please email me directly at  If you could, please put the name of the piece you would like in the subject line.  I will respond on a first come first served basis and give you a paypal invoice- good luck to you!

“Snakes” Snakes is now Sold, thank you!

Snakes is a little girl with a big personality.  She’s a bit shy, a bit introspective, maybe a little sly.  She’s a rough and tumbely girl with a speckle of freckles across her face and a toothy smile.  Dark wisps of natural fibers make up her piggy tales.  The shade is a bit odd, but so is Snakes!  Her costume  has her very favorite thing on it Snakes.  She added a puppy dog tale to the back of her costume for good measure.  She holds a handmade corny trick of treat bag!

*Snake is 11 inches tall

* Hand sculpted one of a kind

*Hand crafted glass eyes
*$150.00USD Shipped within the US

“Wicked Cricket”

There once was a little red haired girl who was different from the rest.   She had buck teeth and a moonblinked eye and Halloween was her very best!  She is all ready for Halloween with her corny treat bag!

*Wicked Cricket is 11 inches tall

* Hand sculpted one of a kind

*Hand crafted glass eyes

*$150.00USD Shipped in the US

Prim ornaments   *ALL SOLd* 

    $45.00 each,  Shipped in the US

A)     Orange pumpkin, orange and black trims

B)      Light green  pumpkin, white and silver trims
C)      Cinderella Blue pumpkin with black mask





Prim Poppets (puppets) $65.00USD each, shipped in the US
about 24 inches tall.  Prim Poppets are lots of fun!

A)     White pumpkin

B)      Orange pumpkin black mask
C)      Gourd-type head


Skeleton in coffin~ Now on Ebay

Halloween was dipped in the sweetness of Prim Miss Skelly!  Skelly stands in a turquoise coffin. She is all gussied up and ready for the Halloween tea party. 
19 inches tall  



Baby Sasquatch  is elusive, but she  made an appearance at Prim Pumpkin studio before Halloween!
*10 inches tall
*handmade glass eyes
*$100.00 USD Shipped in the US

    “Winkle” Winkle is now sold, thank you.
Winkle in a smallish Prim Pumpkin. She stands 6 inches tall and has hand painted eyes and a sculpted stem. 
*65.00USD Shipped in the US


Thank you for coming over and having a peek!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Blog Sale!

I am planning a sale of original work on Friday at 8pm! Hope you can come. Same Prim time.... Same Prim place. :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Behind the veil of Ghoultide

I had prepared the entire year for this show.  Actually WE prepared all year because this crazy wonderful art is a way of life. It's who we are.  This time was different though... we added a wee one to the family in January and much of my work was created in the brief moments in between the growing and feedings of a pumpkin baby.  I shared my display vision with my husband and he went to work to help me make my vision into a reality.  I wanted a vintage doll house. But, it had to be haunted, with a shadow play and a bit art deco/shabby chic/Halloween all rolled into one! We finished the doll house a month or so ago, and I have been chomping at the bit to show it to you. I am still giddy at how it turned out and now I will see it everyday in my studio.
Each year at Ghoultide, even before I was an exhibiting artist, I fell in love with the bounty of the harvest.  The artists at this event are sought after, eccentric, magical, and the most kind and creative beings I have ever met. I am honored to be in their fabulous company. 
In creating my Prim Pumpkins for the show I tried hard to offer works at many different price points.  I offered ornaments and puppets as well as many one of a find treats that now are scattered like glitter across the country. I love to think about all of the smiles that each piece will bring.  The proud mummies and daddies that took home originals and will forever hold my Prim Pumpkins in their hearts. As I create, I am pouring my heart out into these works and I feel really good about the Halloween magic they are about to see! This is their first Halloween after all.  
This year I presented 52 pieces! That is 6 more than the year prior.  I have a few left, that I will ready for my blog sale next week. 
My collectors are the best! I was greeted by pumpkin lovers from near and far and it made me want to tear at the real passion they have for what I do. Some people just "get" it.
I was working on dolls right up until the day we left for Chelsea.  I created a special little doll for a wonderful young lady that came to the show last year with her mom. She had saved all year to bring home something from Ghoultide and she picked a piece from my booth. :) When she came up to my booth this year, I offered her an original  Prim Coraline doll as an early tick or treat! I think she liked it. :)  Coraline is one of my favorite movies. I have been making coralline type dolls to offer later this month!
Set up for the show was Friday and as we put the finishing touches on our booths, I was told that people were camped outside the fair grounds just waiting to shop the next morning at 8am. I hoped the weather was ok for those wonderful dedicate and brave art lovers. It scared me a bit at first. I though ... Oh my gosh, I hope they are not disappointed... and then I looked around at the work of Joyce Stahl, Pam Gracia, Allen Cunningham, Scott Smith, Carolee Clark, Laurie Hardin, Kerry Schmidt, David Schilling, Lori Ann Coralis, Nicol Sayre, Sheila Bentley...and the list goes on...... These wonderful artists don't disappoint. They elevate.  We, as a Ghoultide community raise our own bar constantly. We always wonder if we have come to the table fully and we all give our best. And, with this group, I know two things... The first is that we all doubt ourselves, but we love everyone else's work and the second is that we do not disappoint.  We stay up all hours of the night and day working on the details. Our spouses even formed a support group for each other to bust us out on our fabric hoarding and table hogging as all of our homes get a Ghoultide clutter vibe as the show approaches. 
I've wanted to share photo's of my work leading up to the show, but I also wanted to embrace the element of surprise!
I am going to stop talking for a minute and let you look at the pictures! lol!

I was just kidding about me not talking :) This photo makes me swoon!

This is one of the pre Ghoultide shots as we pose for a group photo. 

My dear sweet friend Heather also know as the Peacock Fairy helped us so much at the show! Thank you Heather.

I am enchanted, living on a spell and the moonglow that follows such a true and wondrous event.  Thank you dear ones!