Tuesday, April 30, 2013

*new work* Ehag Emporium

This piece is no longer for sale***** I am adding her to my offerings at Ghoultide Gathering!

Tonight is the night! EHAG Emporium opens at 9pm www.ehagemporium.blogspopt.com Stop over and see the one of a kind treats. I have a *new* Prim Pumpkin available for this emporium.

Her name is Boo Bell.

A pure delght in lilac. 

An original creation from Prim Pumpkin
Sometimes an art doll just steals your heart. Boo Bell is a heart theif!
She is hand-crafted and one of a kind. She measures 9 inches tall.
Boo Bell is 75.00, shipped free in the USA
email me if you would like her! cupidswing97@yahoo.com
I will check my email at 9pm to see if I have any takers. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baby Sasquatch

Once upon a time in my tiny studio, while we all slept, a doll came alive with the magic of glitter. On this particular evening  she was prowling about the studio, Brighton made a new  friend.... A baby Sasquatch.  If you look very close and believe with all your might you can see the Sasquatch tucked in the studio.
Sasquatch children make such wonderful friends. They are certainly NOT the scary beasts of myth and lore. Brighton had an idea,  they should go outside when the sun woke up. 
And they did. They had an ADVENTURE.
Brighton couldn't help but love this sweet creature.
The thing she loved most about her new friend was her magnificent hair. It flowed like the wild bounty of a Spanish moss tree.
The baby Sasquatch wore a dress of old gathered fabrics. She spoke in a babble and had a mischievous temperament.   Her worst fear was being caught by a human. But her new dolly friend said she would keep her safe.
If you ever meet a baby Sasquatch, you can tame her wild streak by braiding her hair!
My baby Sasquatch is a Prim Pumpkin original art doll. She is mounted to a base and is not removable. She is 9 inches tall. If you would like to bring her home to play with your dolls,  she is now available.
$125.00 free shipping in the US
email me if you are interested.
cupidswing97 @ yahoo.com

Monday, April 15, 2013

Eclectic Halloween Artist Guild!

Each month the Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild creeks open the doors of the marketplace (April 29th) to reveal one of a kind Halloween art that is second to none! The offerings are magnificent... and the artists are a hoot!

 I will not only have a piece in the Emporium this month, I also have donated a small Prim Pumpkin for the giveaway... The giveaway is a fun little trick or treat for all who come to the blog www.ehagemporium.blogspot.com and leave a comment.

This is my girl that will be available at the Emporium, I call her Boo Bell.
Boo Bell
 This is my milky pumpkin for the EHAG giveaway.
Funnin around!

A good Monday morning to you!

Well hello sweetness,

Today is the perfect chance to do something magical!  But don't be silly, go ahead an have your coffee... celebrate the rituals that make you a happy one.

The weekend was wonderful I hope yours was to. I never met a thrift shop I didn't like, so we thrifted! I found a really cool set of Pyrex bowl for mixing scrumptious cakes! The thing is, when I got them home and removed the tape (they were all packing taped together) the bowls on the inside are this A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. soft orange iridescent color!  I love them and they will just make baking so darn sweet!

I worked like gang busters on Prim Pumpkin business this weekend. I completed a giveaway doll for the Eclectic Halloween Artist Guild for this month! More to come on that front.

I have embers in my belly about this one!  This little girl is Wicked Cricket, a disagreeable child. Her personality makes up for her utter homely nature.  Her dress is a cackling symphony of VINTAGE fabric! She just wants someone to love her...

I am not sure WHERE she will be available, but you are taken by her, email me.
Sometimes we all need a friend. Even strange little girls called Wicked Cricket.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My work table

Hi Treasured Friend,

It dawned on me, quite suddenly that you have not been in my studio very much in these wild months since our new addition to the Prim Pumpkin family.  Time just bustles by sometimes, but please don't think that you are not in my mind and heart, because I think about my blog followers and readers all the time.  I am working on some surprising little characters for Ghoultide Gathering. They kind of just blossomed from a place of whimsy. I have sold 3 of them already, so I think that is a wonderful indicator that they will be well received! I don't want to give the entire backstory on this piece because I will do that next week when I debut the finished doll, but here is a wee snippet of things to come.

When you come to Ghoultide I know you will find a merry little spirit to adopt!

This is very important. I have tried to use ALL of the various means of social networking and medias out there to let you know what I am doing. But to tell you the truth I am stretched too thin and it takes away from the wild bursts of creative love that my heart has to give....SO I am narrowing the scope a bit.

 I will use Facebook for updates and to let you know when I have a new blog post. I have 2 Facebook accounts, this is my personal one:

This is the Prim Pumpkin Facebook:

I will have one show this year, it's Ghoultide Gathering on September 28th

Up until the show I will be updating my ETSY Shoppe  when I have small collections or single piece to share.

I am a member of PFATT and EHAG, both professional selling groups. I am going to try my best to offer pieces for both groups and my blog will be the place to come to see what I am up to.

My life is men folk, baby folk, dolls, playdoh, ninja action, spaceships, Blythe, LOve, sticky Kisses, Adventure Time sword fights......

Talk to you soon dear one!

Monday, April 1, 2013

waking up

It's the first day of April and the brown muddy Earth is covered with a layer of frost and a sprinkle of snow.  I know that I will feel more productive when I can see the sunshine and things aren't quite so grey and brown.  I think  many people must struggle with hibernation in the winter months and the feeling that their craft is hibernating as well. I rarely like what I create in these times of craft hibernation.   The silver lining is that all of a sudden this wonderful sparkle of creative mojo will just grab you.  It will whisper directly to your soul and ignite all that has layed still. April is the beginning, its when the mojo swirls......
Her little wand held so much magic... and she believed!

She may be just a wee thing in training...but aren't we all?

Sunlight kissed her forehead and sent her out into the world.