Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ghoultide Gathering

You will hear me say this a lot..... when you have something to give the world, give it. Put your heart whisperings into your art and send it bravely on it it's way....But where should you send it?  Who will receive your gifts? I was at this place several years ago.   I was sending my work into the world and I became very aware that sending your work to the right places is very important. Hand pick your venues, select carefully the galleries, listen to how the shopkeepers communicate before you entrust your art...an extension of your heart, to them.  When you select shoppes, galleries, and shows for your work the venue becomes a very real part of  how your work is viewed. Be selective and pick places that make you proud to be a piece of their puzzle. 

When I think of a venue for my work, only a handful come to mind as ones that I would be proud to be part of. For years, one show was a bit like a fairytale for me. It is the famed Ghoultide Gathering. If you have not had the chance yet to come to Michigan to see the show.... you should, it does not disappoint.  Collectors and artists come from all over the United States and Canada to soak it all in.  The kindness of the artists is magic and the show takes on a life of it's own.  Scott Smith and Bill Gilmore take pride in creating a show like no other. They, in essence give a voice to Halloween artists. Bill and Scott create a glow of light around the Halloween genre like no other.  I am proud, excited, and humbled to share my work at this amazing event.

Ghoultide Gathering is an artistic backdrop and the artists who participate serve a vibrant reminder of what ORIGINAL is, how art can ignite your soul and whisk you away to a time of childhood magic. 

The wheels have started turning for our booth display at Ghoultide Gathering this year.  I am a visual designer by trade so I get hung up on the aesthetics so very easy!   I really want to come to the table enchantingly... if that's even a word.   I think a booth sets the stage.  The stage for my merry pumpkins and witches will be different this year. I am toying with a new layout and I hope it will work. It's hard to tell right now, but in the summer we will put it all together and see how it looks. 

The 7th annual Ghoultide Gathering will take place on Saturday, September 28th, 2013.

Ghoultide Gathering will be held at the fairgrounds in Chelsea, Michigan. This year we will start with an Early Buy from 8 am to 10 am and Regular Shopping hours will extend from 10 am to 4 pm.  

2012 Prim Pumpkin at Ghoultide
Last year our booth was a blend of shabby chic and Halloween.  We worked hard and the comments we received really hit home. People felt wrapped in whimsy... Hallowed whimsy that is!
2012 Prim Pumpkin offerings
Many new artists will be joining us this year, I do hope you will come!
I have whisperings in my heart and I can't wait to share. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Quick peek at the studio talisman

Art dolls sit on my work table this morning in various stages of completion.  Some are in need of arms, while other long for a pair of legs. I often think about what goes on in the studio while our home sleeps.  I picture the partially completed dolls staking their claims on new baubles and embellishments.  I'll bet they play poker and use vintage buttons for the chips  as I sleep.  Whatever happens, I am happy that there is magic in my studio!

I find studios most enchanting. A glimpse into the space that inspires a creative mind. My studio is not orderly and I like it that way. it reminds me of my little shoppe that was filled with lavish sundries, making my little heart smile.  In high school I had a math teacher who often said "A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind" well, Mr. Howtrow... I now fully subscribe to your motto.... just look around. I guess in a way, my studio creative placement style is my own organization... my love language of art.
For the past 3 years this topless beauty has graced my studio.  From the waist down she is constructed of supple leather and the top detail is just wonderful.  While she is an acquired taste, she adds her own magic to my space.  The idea of having a studio talisman is one that I like.  Its' an idea that is no stranger to the long line of creative women in my family.  My Grandma gave me the fabric hoarding gene (among others) while my Mom perfected and gave me the gene for WONDER THRIFTING.... (among others).  My Grandma had a bathroom talisman. She owned and operated a junk business (another story) basically in her front yard. The salvage yard attracted folks from every imaginable walk of life. After awhile Grandma didn't like the public to use her home bathroom. So came Jesse.  A Kewpie doll that Grandma outfitted in large print floral fabric and placed on a shelf above the bath tub.  When people would ask to use her bathroom. she would say, "I am sorry but my little Jesse is in the tub".  This avoided the white lie and gave Grandma a bathroom talisman. 

I wish you an ever-loving creative day and encourage you to celebrate your studio talisman!