Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wallis, A Valentine's Pumpkin

Just a quick check in to let you know I have new work listed on eBay ending tomorrow, 1/27/13. 
I listed Wallis my pink Prim Pumpkin pin-up girl! She is very pretty and very pink. 

Wallis loves to lounge about and always wears a hat. 
I gave her pretty teal gloves with tiny leather cuffs.  She loves them and Never takes them off.
Beauty marks are all the rage in the pumpkin patch! Her clothing is constructed out of vintage found fabrics, some of the under pinnings are tattered and worn but for me, it just adds to the primitive charm!
I really like pink, so the idea of creating a pink pumpkin is not a NEW thing for me, its rather a staple in my studio.  But, the planets aligned this time as PFATT announce their  Valentine's Day creative challenge, the first of 2013 and I knew sweet Wallis would make her grand debut during this PFATT Challenge.  This would be a very unique Valentine's Day surprise for you or your special someone!

 Many wonderful PFATT artists are participating in this challenge, to see more works go to eBay and  type "PFATT" in your search window.  

If you would like to visit my auction Click Here
Thank you for looking!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Feeding my heart

I know... I know, you really expect to see Halloween oddities and Pumpkin Charm when you visit my blog, but as an artist I must travel the path that I must.  The wispy whim of inspiration has taken my hand and is guiding me through new learning towards a collection that will really tickle you.  Along this path I expect detours that turn into happy art dolls.  So far, the reception to these new pieces has been amazing! I posted a few of them on Facebook not really knowing what collectors might think and each one has been adopted in a matter of hours. 

My Prim Puppy... Leila Lou

So, I wanted to take a moment and share with you the art of the detour.  The fine tuning of ones skill to continue to grow as an artist. The feeding of the artistic heart.   
Prim Pin-up Girl... Wallis
Much is changing in our home as we welcome a sweet baby girl into our artistic life. She is a little cupcake and pure joy to hold. I really see my love of pink taking new flight as Willow flaps her little girl wings throughout the house! Just as all life changes effect our creativity and inspiration, birthing a new life into the world will certainly sculpt and evolve Prim Pumpkin Studio. 
Wallis posing for her photoshoot.
I think, feeding the part of you that sparks creativity often involves investing in yourself.  Investing in your skills and providing the materials for you to flourish.  Invest in YOU!
 This is a sneaky look at a new collection of Prim Pumpkins I am working on.  I call them Pin-Up Pumpkins.....You really would not believe the conversations these girls have amongst themselves in the studio.  These pumpkins are a bit different, but as you hold one in your hands you can feel a difference. Doll collectors love to pick up an art doll and feel a certain weight or flop of appendages.  This is something new, a learning that is blooming in the Winter of my work.    
And this sweetheart..... She is a work in progress, more to come on this one but she will not disappoint. 
So good to converse with you this morning.  I often think of things I want to tell you, but I wonder how interesting it will be to you. :)
xxoo, Jennie

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Island of misfits

My first international art doll show
When I began the creation of Grandmother Harlow, I hadn't the slightest idea that she would take the world by storm. That she would bring smiles to art doll enthusiasts nationally in Doll News Magazine and then at the famed Ghoultide Gathering in Chelsea, Michigan.  When I was asked to exhibit at Dollirium Art Doll Emporium in London, Ontario Canada  I was elated and I immediately thought of Grandmother Harlow.  I gave her a intricate face-up, adding details and age spots that really made her speak to the camera. 

Ghoultide Gathering with Grandmother Harlow

Grandmother Harlow with her face-up

I packed her safe and sound for her long journey and off she went to The Island of Misfit Dolls Exhibit.  The idea of a gallery that focuses purely on art dolls is so amazing.  I think all of my dolls are misfits in some way, the exhibit is perfect!

Click on the dollirium link for more information