Wednesday, October 31, 2012

EHAG Emporium

 Once a month the door of the Emporium creeks open and tricks and treats galore pour out!
 This is my offering for the month of October!
Madame Concoction is ready to travel home to you! Her traveling Spell and Potion Show is one of my favorite pieces and is just loaded with vintage charm. She travels from town to town dispensing cures for love, sickness and money. The Potion Show cart is encrusted with every enchantment that one would dream of from a potion cart! Vintage paper coverings, handmade glass potion bottles, magical spells sealed for your protection, vintage fabrics, a hand made paper mache treat pail with potions inside, removable hand lettered sign and Madame Concoction!

 The entire cart measures 16 inches tall by 14 inches wide from wheel to wheel. Don't miss this one.
 $175.00 + Shipping UPS insured $15.00
 Email me directly if you are interested at:

Thank you for looking!

Friday, October 26, 2012

You Can Dye Happy Now-Grandma's Bottle Brush Trees

My Grandma, Jennie Woods, was know for doing it up big for the Holidays! She would make ornaments and change the look of things from year to year -all on her own without the use of Pinterest or Facebook. I suppose raising a family with five children taught her about making do,  creating authentically, and whimsy building.  Her favorite color was Candy Apple Red....So was her personality.... She was the bright spot of any room she entered.  And as she drove though our city she did so in a big Candy Apple Red custom painted Cadillac.  I wish you could have known her!
So, one year at Christmastime Grandma wanted to do a decoration re-vamp. She had a bunch of dime store bottle brush Christmas trees from teesy tiny to very large and she was tired of the boring green hue.  She set out to dye them, using the phrase "There's more than one way to skin a cat" often.  I've since seen this technique used often.... I know she did not create the technique, but I would love to share it with you.  I saw this recently in a magazine and I got all gooey and sentimental remembering how luscious my Grandma made the Holidays . 

My Grandma wanted red Christmas trees-think Santa's Bordello :)  but when I dye bottle brush trees I go for black and orange.  This helps me painlessly make the transition from Halloween to Christmas in my very own way. 

First you have to bleach your trees of their current color.  I use mason jars, but use what ever you have as this is a make do project.  Just drop them in the jar- totally covered with bleach.  You can say you own color dissolving incantation at this time if you wish... :) I usually leave mine for about 30 minutes.  I am very sensitive to the smell of bleach so I wear gloves or use tweezers when removing the trees.  I soak mine in water to help get rid of the smell.  Several cool water baths will do the trick.

I use RIT dye for my trees, just because that's what I have on hand and that's what Grandma was able to buy at the dime store. I took two mason jars and gave them each a splash of water- about a cup. I added my RIT dye- no real account for measuring, just a sprinkle.

Just drop your trees in the dye baths and let them think about how lovely they will be in their new colors..... I lay down some wax paper and paper towel for when I remove the trees from the dye.  It takes a bit for them to dry, but boy oh boy when they do they are wonderful!
So, when you are done and your trees are dry, you can use white glue to paint on the tips of the branches and sprinkle some glitter if you'd like!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The magic of Ghoultide Gathering

Ghoultide Gathering, the two words that stir something magical in my heart and inspire a pumpkin patch full of artists to bring their best! We worked so hard for months on the many aspects of creating a sacred space at the best Halloween show in the entire United States.  The one thing that each artist holds close to their being is creating an experience for the collectors who travel from near and far to acquire original works of art. 
I think it all began like the spinning of a glorious web. The web makers are Scott Smith of Rucus Studio and Stephanie Rawson of The Whimsical Whittler.  Each year they top the one before with an assortment of artists hand picked to delight.  It was such an honor to be included in the show and I am already dreaming about what collections I will present next year!
*from the heart* This was my first year as a participating artist at Ghoultide Gathering and while I was very excited to share my work, I was a bit intimidated by the huge amount of renowned talent by professional artists in one room!  Being a shy girl for most of my life, did not prepare me for the warm welcome into such an amazing community of artists specializing in the very thing that makes my heart sing in the eerie chord of Halloween.  The entire experience has taken time to settle into, to reflect upon, and to be present in!
It brings me to this... Why are we so hesitant to call ourselves artists? And even more....professional artists.  If we are creating from our authentic core we are artists.... and at the core of an artist is the humble place from which magic emanates.
As the artists set up their tables and booths they sprinkled fairy dust in an ordinary pole barn in Chelsea, MI.  Scott Smith and Stephanie Rawson along with a huge cast of volunteers preformed the final spell and as the doors opened the pole building transformed into something bigger than us all... a web of Halloween energy!   
It was so wonderful to see my friends who understand the life of a Halloween artist. A message online just doesn't hold a candle to a hug! Love you all!!!


Prim Pumpkin is a marriage of whimsical romance and Halloween. Our booth screamed that and all of the wonderful comments warmed my heart because you understood the vision and were happy to bask in my world!~
I brought about 40 pieces to Ghoultide Gathering... not really knowing what spells and potions would tempt you...
Prim Pumpkins were snapped up left and right and it made for a fun show!
Ornaments were a fun addition as well!
I think as artists we all have a favorite... she is mine! I fiddled with her during the show and she is one of the very few that came back home with me. 
I didn't take very many photos this trip, but I will next year! This is a picture Joe took of me with our baby bump!
Shopper rushing by with treats and treasures!

Mr. Prim Pumpkin looking very dapper! ......The creator of dreams himself!
 Over the straw and into our booth!
 Thank you for looking through my eyes at a happy Ghoultide Gathering! 
You are an artist