Tuesday, July 10, 2012

PFATT-O-Licious update!

Hi friends! Two months in a row... this has to be some kind of record for the year for me....

Prim Pumpkin goes Orna-Mental........
Available 7/10/12 at 1pm
Click HERE to go to the Marketplace

A little old fashioned appeal a lot of pumpkin goodness!~

My ornaments are one of a kind and are signed. This ornament features a hand sculpted jack-o- lantern on a paper mache star, which is encrusted with a bit of sparkle!

Ornaments are really fun and I hope you snap him up. Star measures 6 inches long by about 6 inches tall.The perfect size for you!
If you are interested in adding this wee one to your collection feel free to email me at cupidswing97@yahoo.com to purchase. Ornament are $ 45.00+ 5.00 shipping in the USA.
Only one available - email me fast!!!!!! lol!

Thank you for looking and loving Prim Pumpkin

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fairy Circles and Pumpkins on a fine day!

We made a Fairy Circle to conjure the happy spirits that dwell in our draughted garden.  Stones were placed about and then the plan turned dark... my wee one devised a plan to captured a fairy in an antique basket.  While my boy chased flying dandelion fluff, I played photo session with my latest creation. 

After weeks of work this sweet little Cordelia says "Hello" in high style! She is quite fond of small spaces and elegant attire for everyday wear.  Every year, without fail her costume is the same The Queen of it All!

Miss Cordelia Sweet

Cordelia has so much character and it was a joy to bring her to life!  Her costume is on the shabby romantic line and is one of a kind.  Her little coffin makes for a cozy keep as she plots her newest sweet wickedness!

The wee one never caught a fairy, I am most certain that they hid and giggled at him!!!

Thanks for looking!