Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lots of news at Prim Pumpkin

"Eye've got an eye on you"
This is a piece I created for Ghoultide Gathering! She features a cauldron of eye balls!

Hand blown glass eyes by my amazing( more amazing than the Amazing Spiderman) husband Joe!

As Spring comes to an end and Summer rolls on, I am busier than ever in my little studio.  Studio is a loose term these days as "studio" equates to piles of random fabric  fluttering about the floor! But through the chaos of it all dolls are being created, morning sickness seems to be on the up-swing and my Ghoultide gathering preparation is well underway!

Yes, I said morning sickness the kind that knows no time of day.  We are excited to be expecting a new pumpkin, the human variety, in January.  So, when you stop in our booth at Ghoultide Gathering in October you will see a round version of me! Please say Hi.

I am working on my mailing list for both snail mail and email and I'd love to add you, if you would like to get happy mail from me! For the snail mailing list I will send Ghoultide postcards and newsletters and the emailing list will be shop updates and general stuff going on at Prim Pumpkin. I think the easiest way to collect all of your information is for you to email me at You can always message me on Facebook as well.  I look forward to growing this list and mailing out some excitement!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

New from Prim Pumpkin!

Dear friends,

I am offering new work tomorrow at the PFATT Marketplace! The June Marketplace goes LIVE  at 1pm! Click here to visit the Marketplace

This is piece I will be offering.
 This is Ellie Clowning Around

Her hat is removable. She is completely stitched using vintage fabrics. 

Ellie is hand sculpted and is one of a kind. She is a little sweetheart, but beware, her little pouty lip is her weapon to get her way!   Guaranteed, she will brighten your Halloween festivities!

Thank you for stopping by my blog!