Saturday, March 24, 2012

Scream Pumpkin from Prim Pumpkin

**NOTE The Screampunk Challenge pieces are now available at the EHAG EMPORIUM.
**Polly Day Sprocket is NOW SOLD

Hi Friends,

As March  breezed into existence so did a new challenge.  A collective one this time, which is a rare and beautiful thing.  The creative challenge for March was a "Screampunk " styled piece and while I loved the idea, it was a step outside of my comfort zone.  But, isn't that what a challenge is? A thank you is in order to Joyce Stahl for the Steampunk inspiration.

I created an art doll for the challenge named Polly Day Sprocket.  Polly Day is an inventor.  She sifts through what is not wanted collecting pieces; who knows when that very piece will aid in her next invention.

A bit of a fashionista, Polly Day is never seen without her cap and goggles.  She never knows when she might have the need to weld something. 

I stitched Polly's top coat with visible top stitching to add a bit of Prim to this Pumpkin.  She employs the use of several re-purposed treasures as purposeful steampunk equipment.

Here you get a nice good look at the gear my husband found.  It looks wonderful as her base or perch. 

Polly Day is my 8th piece for the year, but my first piece for the Emporium.  I am spending much of my time focusing in on my art work for Ghoultide Gathering. 

She stands 12.5 inches tall on a metal gear base
Her pumpkin head is a light mellon color!
Her clothing is all hand stitched (you may see some stitches) which adds to the Prim Pumpkin nature of the piece.
She features handmade goggles**Thank you Joe!!!

Polly Day Sprocket will be available for sale on
 March 31st
at 9:00pm
My email will be listed on the EHAG Emporium page and you can just email me if you would like her!
A bit from the EHAG Emporium blog:
Every day is Halloween at the EHAG Emporium. And mark your calendars! Our next debut of Halloween-alia will be March 31st at 9PM EST. Original, one of a kind art from the Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild.
Thank you for taking a look at Polly Day!