Saturday, January 14, 2012

Being Whole as an Artist

I am bowled over by the simple mystification that I have found the thing to do in life that makes me so happy.  My dolls are an ever abundant source of comfort to me, they let me be a maker and they give me bliss.


 It's the thing that we, as creative beings in this world, NEED. We do, we need it, it is vital to our happiness.  When we realize that the goal is to be WHOLE, and that we all have coves within us that we fill up with inspiration and bliss and then after the bliss has given us the gifts we need,... it falls  through us like sand or glitter :) ....  it's easier to claim the bliss we need. 

Keeping yourself full of bliss is not easy and you can look at it like this: You need to nurture your wellspring... the place of your many coves.... Filling yourself up with creative inspiration is not an option ... it is a need for survival.  Your bliss is important dear one and you are really the only one that nurture your soul.

Do it. it's important. you are important. your art is depending on you.