Friday, December 30, 2011

The gift of anticipation....PFATT Ornament Swap 2011

I love swaps and the like! This Christmas the ladies of PFATT planned an ornament swap.  I created 4 ornaments and sent them on their merry way to our swap queen Sylvia!   After she collected all of the ornaments she parcelled them out and shipped them off with a wave of her magic wand.... Or at least I hope there was a wand involved!!!

When I received my package, I carefully removed each one and admired it so!  Each ornament received a special spot on my Waterford tree!
The very first ornament was from Deborah Adams of Possible Impossibilities Studio.
It's the sweetest snowman with a red hat atop his head and the entire ornament is dusted with glitter dust. 

The next ornament was from Rebecca Miller Campbell~of Miller Campbell Designs.
A happy dapper teddy bear, entirely hand painted, poked his little head out of the packaging!

And then I picked up a little gift bag, looked in and with a wide smile I pulled out a gingerbread lady that stole my heart.  She was created by Rose Gilpin of Rosebaby's.

The last ornament was sheer opal essence! A tinsel fairy from Jo Ellen Dismukes of Lacey Jane Primitives.  She is absolutely wonderful!

This was so much fun and it really took me back to the days when I waited with such anticipation to see what special things I was to unwrap.  Things that were handpicked just for me!
Thank you graciously to all of my PFATT friends, not only for the ornaments, but for the constant friendship all the year though. ****

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Granny Pumpkin and her magic brooms

Circles are an innate part of our history.  We circle to share together and to let our stories flow from one to the next... and by sharing we see with our eyes what has lived in our hearts all this time.  We all do the wash, cook the meals, nurture the babies, doctor our loved ones, and we all carry a bag of things that we no longer need... things that are like sticky mud holding us back... holding us down.

When we circle, we reaffirm for each other that we are not alone... we are magical and special.... each of us holding the ability within ourselves to leave the bag of  self doubt, worthiness issues, old wounds that no longer define us, what others think of us, and a list longer that we will all admit..... just leave it in the middle of the circle... in the fire and as it burns it's gone.....Circles are a cathartic means of filling our vessels with a knowing........

While I was working on Granny Pumpkin the images spun of an enchantress of the brooms. Iconic imagery shows brooms flying about wistfully with pointy hat guidance, but what you don't see is the care and keeping of a besom or broomstick.  I crafted each broom for this piece and my sweetness made blown glass potion bottles for each broom. I conjured an image of Granny, a wise soul, instructing each broom on it's magical purpose.... in a circle of sorts.

Thank you for visiting today!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Muriel Bennette

Please meet Muriel Bennette..
Muriel believes that the art work of a spider is magical. She presents a bit of spider web under a hand blown glass cloche bell jar. One of her favorite things is to listen to the stories of the wise old spiders. As they impart their stories, they spin webs with bits of love and whispers of mystery and tales of Halloweens gone by.
Bell jars are a beautiful way to display that of great decadence…. Sometime sweets or a wonderful flower will sit beneath the bell jar but Muriel wanted to show the decadent web from one of nature’s most wonderful artists.
I created Muriel Bennette with a soft palette…..a recipe of vintage white, soft lavender and old lace. Muriel is hand sculpted, without the use of molds. Because of this each one of my Prim Pumpkins are uniquely full of expression. Muriel is a warm buttery French Vanilla colored pumpkin; I like to do things a bit different around here!
She has a wise old look, due to the wise spidery company she keeps. Her head scarf is hand-dyed latte colored lace, fastened with a tiny gold button, from Paris, under her chin. Her hat is an adornment made with vintage trimmings and featuring a wax flower.
Her bodice is hand stitched and in her arms she holds the handmade cloche bell jar.
Under the jar rests the vintage netting, resembling a spiders web. Her skirt is truly a beautiful piece of vintage fabric. It’s the most beautiful color of lavender with a slight sheer to it. On the left side of her skirt I stitched on a piece of vintage netting with tiny black chenille puffs to give the illusion of a spider’s web. Under her dress I gave her a pair of blue/purple pantaloons. She stands on a wooden base painted vanilla. Muriel stands 19 inches tall.
What if Spiders spin hopes and dreams and the twinkles of the stars?...

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