Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Potion Peddler

 I'd like you to meet The Potion Peddler, my latest Prim Pumpkin! She carries a witches hat with her potion offerings in tow.  She also has a basket hanging off her arm filled with her wares! She is now available on eBay. click here!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The circles that we form

I am thankful for you dear blog readers, the ones who believe that what I do is a curious extension of my personality... and you are interested.  I am so happy that you stop in and read the word of Prim Pumpkin. Just by doing so we circle the fire of creative inspiration.  We ignite each other, encourage in comment and when the day is done, we form real connections in the vastness of cyber space.  Invisible webs, connecting us very visually. 

I was so excited today because a friend send me a text that she was at Barnes and Noble coffee shop and she saw someone in the cafe reading my blog on their laptop! lol! That is so cool!  I am so thankful that through my blog, we can meet each others acquaintance.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Benefit..... for the Art Center!

All proceeds from Ozella~she's the last one I posted, will benefit the Art Center of Battel Creek!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ozella and her Bumbershoot

What a wonderful way to begin the celebration of this week! I love to show you my art because you  love it as I do. This week I have a new offering on Ebay, I am still very excited to be a new seller on the PFATT Marketplace, and it's my wee one's birthday week.   Hip Hip, Hooray! and for my big announcement.....Halloween isn't over... it's just a bit softer, wrapped in the lacy web of a sweet spider... I've decided to not force the other holidays into my art.... Halloween will do just fine.

This is Ozella. She is know for her wise ways and her gift of creation.  She makes Witch hats for the tiniest of good Witches.   The tiniest are the most powerful you see...... Ozella created this one using scrap fibers blessed by the Great Pumpkin.   Old book pages on the brim imbue the wearer with literary spells!
I use feathers in my work, to honor the space between the heavens and the earth, and for Ozella, I've used two.  One in the facinator pearched on her head, and the other on the base.  The one on the base was gifted to me!

Ozella is layered in cotton goodness. All of her clothing is hand tailored to create the costume of a Hallowed  Hat  Maker. 
In one hand she has the Witch hat and the other rests atop a bumbershoot~a vintage umbrella. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Imogene is adorbs!

 Hi lovies,

It's late Autumn here in Michigan. Our pumpkins have already seen the bite of frost and then the warmth of 60 degrees and then frost again! I feel  my favorite season of the year is wilting dear ones. I hope for one or two more gifts of Autumn briskness before a new season sets in...
I am hold-up in my studio as the weather changes. Cocooning myself with a spirit for creativity and organization, welcoming the elders as they gather around the fire to tell stories, and celebrating in the ritual of creation.
As promised, this is one of Nana's charges. Little Imogene has been up to her stem in mischief! She is my latest completed art doll complete with impish grin. Imogene has a playfulness about her and has  been called Nana's Shadow.
I am always so excited to show you my  latest dolls! I am just tickled by each one. Bringing my imagination to reality is am amazing job!  Imogene is a bit smaller in scale I have been working in.  Her head shape is a bit different for me too, but as a maker, I love to embrace the new.  At the market a few weeks back we picked out some mini gourds. The twisted and contorted shapes were very inspiring.  Kind of like a still life in the studio. 

 Prim Pumpkin is about welcoming in a breathe of warmth, from the vintage fabrics to the hand-dyed trims and embellishment that are each hand picked for the individual piece.
Primitive styling and a true love for pretty pumpkins is what I do. 
Imogene is dressed in soft fabric and the lovely colors of  Fall. 

Thank you for looking at Nana's Shadow, little Imogene.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Head piece of my dreams- A Wedding Crown Tutorial

 My new sister-in-law, Ruth, said that I looked like a Gypsy Princess as she pinned my headpiece on.  She knew that I would find that to be the highest compliment.

 I looked for months for the perfect head piece for our wedding. I scoured ETSY and Couture shops but I just didn't find it!   I wanted a head piece that screamed from the rooftops... "ooh la la" while exuding the most romantical whimsy possible. It had to be

 To get this piece that I could so clearly see in my head... I decided to make it myself. I create all of the facinators and vintage hats for my art dolls so, FAMOUS LAST WORDS.. how hard could it be?? 

I'd love to share with you just how I made this head piece!
I knew the basic element that had to be included...a hint of feather to honor that which is between Heaven and Earth, a vintage sparkle, old lace and the most luscious french vanilla rose that I have ever laid eyes on.

First I bought two headbands and crossed them. I played with the two until I got the right angle and then I stitched them together.

I covered them with satin, and then lace.  I kept positioning it on my head and adding embellishments.  I was going for a whimsical style and I used the vintage jewels to balance the piece across my face.  The large flower is vintage and the feathers were part of our table decor!  I used clips from the beauty supply shop to hold it firmly to my head.  Email me if you have any questions!

Words of advise: If you plan on making your own head piece, start early. Collect all of the elements you love and let them inspire the feel of the piece.  Pay attention to color, with so many shades of white and off white you want the head piece to be just right.  If you use vintage lace, wash it with mild dish soap to remove dirt.   I found that just by washing the lace, the color lightened at least by one shade... that sounds like a teeth whitening ad! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Feathering Nana

Today is the day for celebration...Please meet
 Nana in Robin's Egg.  Nana has the soft coloring of robin's egg blue but a bit sullied.  Her face tells stories that have weathered her, but time has given her the title of Matriarch. 
The softness of her palette draws me in and the secrets I told her as I sculpted each line and wrinkle, flesh to the surface.  Even though sculpted, she has an energy about her.  She is wisdom and I want to hug her.  
Nana in Robin's Egg is wearing an ensemble completely hand dyed.  Her hair has old lace stitched in and I made her headpiece from a fallen feather.  I use fallen feathers in most all of my dolls.  It adds an feeling of inspired direction to each piece.  For as long as I can recall birds have been a reoccurring draw for me. 

As a child I would collect fallen feathers, not really knowing why.  Later in life I learned that these  were gifts, placed ever-so-gingerly in my path.  Feathers propel us....

When Grandma and  I opened our shop, we did not agonize over naming it.  We had a scrap piece of paper and we jotted down about five names that we both loved and guess what, they all had something to with birds, wings, and nests.  We settled on Cupid's Wing.  A quote found me and I put it on our business cards... this is it:

“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.”-Lucretius

This is a back view of Nana.  Her clothing is all vintage.  Some pieces are cotton and have spots of rust showing and others I used my very own dye baths to take them deep into a new shade completely. 
Loosely in her hand, you can see one of her charges, a wee sprout.  I will show you another of her charges later this week! I am simply in love with Nana in Robin's Egg.
Have a wonderful day dear one.