Thursday, September 29, 2011

Manor Wedding

I felt as if I had been swept away....

The manor was reminiscent of European hideaway, and ever though Joe and I choose our venue in the bitterness of January, the place continued to delight.  The pears behind my dress were growing up the manor wall.
             When our photographers suggested this picture I swooned.  I love the imagery of a pear!
So many things from our wedding were artist made.(another post to come) It was a true artful affair which is perfect since Joe and I met at an Art Center. 
                                                     My dress is Marina by Michelle Roth
                               I peeked down from a tall window, where the lady folk readied...
I hand painted about 10 signs for the wedding.  I love painting W o R D S... My favorite was a sign at the entrance telling everyone to tell Joe he looks gorgeous!  This is our cake topper. It was made by Ann Wood.
Oh the shoes... The drama the shoe porn of it all.   They are Hey Lady and I embellished them!

                        My son charms the ladies wherever he goes and this day was no different.  I counted 4 ladies that he proposed to...

                                                         bouncing through the gardens!
My Dad and I took the longest possible route to the aisle....
                                                                This is my favorite!

 And you know I could not resist ripe Orange PUMPKINS!!!!
all photos were taken by Kalamazoo Photoworks!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Within the crispness of an early fall day we joined our hearts!  I own you more of a post on the big day, but for now, I'll give you a picture.
<3 <3