Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sprinkle the people you love with love.....Prim Pumpkin Featured on the EHAG BLOG!!

When I look back at my art and my life I see clearly that for awhile, the two things were considered separate, by the ones I picked to surround me... and eventually me.  My art was  to be kept out of sight....Because it was Halloween, it was different...   As soon as the people I allowed into my world were edited, the two paths merged.  It was a great art, soul, life merger!

Now, Art is so alive in our home... it's a beacon of  balance.  Tender balance.  It is this balance that is so inspiring.  My art life is full speed ahead.  I embrace what I love and what I love sprinkles me with good Ju-Ju -which is kind of like art MOJO. I find inspiration within EHAG-Eclectic Halloween Artist Group. I am thrilled to be featured on the EHAG blog at the moment! click here to see the interview.

I feel truly top shelf! Thank you!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Prim Pumpkin Mad Tea Party 2011 Let's Pretend

Come one, Come all to the Prim Pumpkin rather MAD Tea Party.... This is my favorite real pumpkin, lavished with gorgeousness to welcome you!

Take a bit of magic with you!
The grand entrance to Prim Pumpkin Studio, the place where art dolls take on life and the setting of many a Mad Tea...

The paint has been capped, the glitter brushed away... My work table has taken on a softer look, brimming with lace, ribbon, pumpkins and sweetness in many variety.

The Prim Pumpkin carousel is in service for the evening!

Please take a magic wand!!!

The flying top-hatted one will lead the ceremonies...

Pumpkins gather here...

For sweetness to fill the soul.

A new Prim Pumpkin made her way to the tea. Shes the one with a squint in a magical shade of blue. She sits in a tea pot and I call her Arsenic and Old Lace...

She carries a vintage bottle embellished with the word arsenic across the front.

I think she is so tickled because the the bottle is empty... other party goers will not touch a thing; they can't be sure if the arsenic was real, or where it is now...

Fabulous bow ties are on the menu. You must eat them with a glittered spoon...
They taste like cotton candy.

Candy pearls and sewing confection are being served as well.

pure luscious

even the appendages came to tea...

The tea is a merry time but you MUST Be as quiet as a mouse.... A wee magical child sleeps...

She made her bed in a vintage hat!

Notions of wonder are everywhere

Before the wee one fell to slumber, there was a parade... The Coronation of Queen Alice ...played very well by the Little Nun doll.

Prim Pumpkin Polly looks on with delight! Behind her stands a pretend Alice.

"Then fill up the glasses with treacle and ink, Or anything else that is pleasant to drink: Mix sand and cider, and wool with the wine-And welcome Queen Alice with Ninety-times-nine"- From Queen Alice, Through the looking glass.

We read Space Witch for fun! BUT no cackling... A tea party is a special time, It begins with a cuppa and life flows after that. The pumpkins played Looking Glass games until the sun sunk low.

Thank you A Fanciful Twist for Hosting this Tea for the 4th MAD year!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Carousel pumpkin vignette..... pleasure in creating moments

Sometimes on normal Sundays, the wind blows warm and is filled with the scent of magic... to me it smells a bit like cotton candy. When the wee circus comes to my garden, doilies are rolled out for the circus goers to walk on.
Great care is taken to make sure just enough pink is used in preparing.... This is Bijou, she is the older sister left in charge of her two wee sisters. They all decided very quickly they love the carousel and they love cotton candy!

This is Pip the littlest peep of a pumpkin

and this is Baguette she normally liked crusty bead, but to day sugar would be queen.

The pumpkins had a hauntingly wonderful time. They rode the carousel, dreamed candy dreams, and played in the fern tendrils.

Soon...the day was done and the circus began to vanish as eloquently as it had arrived.

The wee pumpkins had a wonderful time and all that was left in the garden was a loose scattering of rose petals.

I made this piece early in the year.... I took time and care creating the wee pumpkins and painting and embellishing the carousel. The lace on the edge of the carousel was a charming find. it's a beautiful shade of green with pink hinted in the weave. The art dolls are not connected to the carousel, but their arms are bendable. This fascinating vignette is now available on eBay

As a child I was enamoured with the magic of creating a diorama. In third grade we were asked to read a book of our choice and create a shoebox diorama. I didn't read the book, I will admit it now, I just created the vignette in my little shoe box and when I finished... I realized something was not right... It was too small. I took it all apart and used one of my Moms shoe boxes- which was much larger!!! And so it began... my love for staging vignettes, the happy creating of moments compactly, but straight from my heart.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our is better...

I must tell you about this man of mine! He is so loving and concerned with how I feel or what I say.... He wrote me a card yesterday telling me how soothing I am to him. He goes out of his way to make me smile or to make life easier at every each stumble, there he is, with the right string of words to soothe me.

He looks at my art dolls with curious eyes, wanting to learn about my process... He helps me make it through doll makers block when it happens.... When we have friends over, he is enthusiastic about showing them my work and the work of my EHAG and PFATT friends that we have collected. He is proud of me -genuinely, and sometimes I don't even know how to react because it has been so long.....

Last year when my dear little pumpkin was on the cover of Art Doll Quarterly, Joe was as excited as I was. When sweet things happen , it's nice to have a partner to share it with. "Our" is always better than "my". He is generous in spirit, kind in thought, and I can't wait to call him my Husband!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Growing Pumpkins- the art doll type

The most effective way to do it, is to do it. Amelia Earhart

That is the way of thinking on my latest swerve in doll making. I wanted to dip into the area of folk art dolls not attached to a base. Fabric legs, my friends. My first was Hilda, and the next was Polly Spider.

I love the expression Polly took on! The thing I have learned about switching gears in your creative process is this:

You must do it from time to time

It's much harder to articulate a doll than I thought it would be.

When you try new things you are growing creatively, cultivating your spark. It should not matter if the world doesn't offer a warm welcome to said newness... do it to do it.

Wiggle around in the uncomfortable space for a bit!

It's okay, because you can step out at any time. The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.- again Amelia Earhart

Tuesday, June 7, 2011



We(PFATT) are about way more than selling on ebay, we love and care about each other, we share our trials as well as our triumphs, we go to bat for each other and we band together in times joy and hardship.....

I am a member of PFATT - Primitive Folk Art Talk and Tea. This an absolutely huggable group and I am honored to be in such great company. We are having a charity auction on ebay and I want to get the word out. I will add a link as soon as the auction goes live.

The auction will go live on Sunday June 12th at 9:30pm EST-6:30pm PST. members of PFATT have made special ornaments to adorn a 34" tall cream colored real goose feather tree from Ragon House.

The PFATT members have graciously given their talents and time to design OOAK ornaments to be auctioned off for this very worthy cause.

100% of the proceeds from this auction will go towards the nonprofit organization FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered). To provide support, resources and information and promote awareness and research specific to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer and to unite families affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.
This nonprofit organization was picked by one of our members, Carly, who is a breast cancer survivor.

I will post again when it is ready!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wedding details...with PFATT help

Do not scroll down if you are coming to the wedding ....

Centerpiece spoiler alert!!!!!!

I had so many ideas for tablescapes at the wedding so many in fact that my brain actually got stuck in mid-stream... I sought the help desperately of my wonderful PFATT sisters. They ladies had so many great ideas, I just had to take my own fledgling idea let it marinate with the PFATT Juices and voila... Topiary a la bliss. just had to make it my own and start creating.

We have a palette of burlap, plumes, book page flowers, brooches and shabby chic fabric.
The top of the urn will be covered in moss- I'll do that later- I don't want it to brown.
I'll be making lucky 13 of these!

And this ... a feminine rock, yes folks, leave it to Prim Pumpkin to dress up a rock!