Monday, May 23, 2011

Polly Spider sat down beside her...

Dear Friends,
This Pumpkin has been very busy! I mean me, not my newest Prim Pumpkin! Last weekend saw us in beautiful Lowell, MI. Searching out Shabby Chic wedding finds in unexpected places is so much fun. I have heard, from super reliable people that the best revenge- or maybe this is a better phrase than the word revenge- the best thing you can do when someone has hurt you... is to be happy, live well, and get back in touch with things that make your heart sing. Last year was hard, it took an emotional toll on my spirit. But what a difference a year makes. I continue to evolve as a doll maker and I am happy about what I create. I now have a level of confidence in my own ability that I have never had. It's this inner knowing of happiness and the unwavering support from Mr. Pumpkin that means so much- and is the difference from wallowing in a puddle of mud or making a fabulous mud facial out of the whole damn thing!

This is Polly Spider. Her name stems from a wonderful lady who is a patron of the arts in my hometown. She told me last time I saw her "exuberance is God within"...she said it with a gleam in her eye and red fire-like ringlet bobbing by her ear. Polly Spider has a bit of a gleam in her eye too! She has mastered the sideways glance.

Lounging in lambs ear

Polly has a fabric body and a hand sculpted head. I used 6 different, but equally beautiful, fabrics in her construction. Her hat is where the spidery bits come into play. The vintage ric- rac looks like spider legs to me!

It's always nice to find something hidden, something just for you. I stitched a small pouch on Polly with one of her very own treasures for you to discover.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Prim Pumpkin Hilda a study in articulation

Grinning Hilda started as a study in articulation. I wanted to create a Prim Pumpkin that was not attached to a base. The result is a look that I will continue to evolve. The thing I love about Hilda is her little pumpkin shoulders. Guaranteed... I am making more in this style.

Hilda is jointed. I used luscious fabrics to create her dress and hat. I wanted to create the illusion of bubbles floating on top of her head. I made her had with large faux pearls.

She had a brief excursion with the fairy folks in our garden as she posed for the photo shoot.
Hilda has a sideways glance on her pumpkin face.

Vintage.. Vintage.. Vintage I love it and use it at every turn.

Hilda insisted upon green dotted stockings. I tried to sway her but she really wanted dots!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rumpledcake by Twigs and Honey

Photo: Twigs and Honey, Myra Callen

I am excited to tell you about something so brilliantly yum that I just can't stand it. I was looking for bridal head pieces and I stumbled across a wonderful artist named Myra Callen! She is a highly sought after designer in the bridal realm, creating romantic fascinators for atop the head. Her company is called Twigs and Honey. IT is there she creates lusciousness and this amazing fragrance as well. The scent is called rumpledcake. How amazing is that... RUMPLEDCAKE.. this is a word that I love to say, now seeded in my vocabulary ever so sweetly next to Framboise and Facinator...
I am sensitive to parfumes. I have just a few that I like and I tend NOT to stray from the path, but I tried this one. I am so happy with the blend.

Myra's description weaves a web of violet flower, bergmot and neroli, sandalwood and rose. She has creates a 100% essential oil eau du paufum of warmth and sweetness.

I really like how it's woody... but not masculine, sweet... but not Victoria's Secret sweet, and I just love anything with a violet fragrance anyway!

Myra's Website is the scent portion is called TwigScent click here to visit.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Lady Louise and a bit on tatting from Prim Pumpkin

Welcome to my studio! Please meet Lady Louise the Wicked Pumpkin. Creating art dolls is such a creative process, and after going through the process I feel so attached to these sweet little Pumpkins! From stitch to sculpt to paint... and then here for you to meet.
Her eyes are looking slightly upward, kind of sly. I blended several colors to get a orange crush-ish hue, which I love. I will use this recipe again I am sure. The Prim Pumpkin signature haute bit of couture features vintage tatting.

Tatting if you were wondering, is a beautiful technique for handcrafting a particularly durable lace constructed by a series of knots and loops. I can tell you from years of shopping the markets that it is durable and stands the test of time. As you venture through tag sales and antique markets look at the amount of tatting that has outlasted the clothing it was affixed to! Long after the clothing has fallen in disrepair, the tatted edges is still elegant. The art of tatting dates to the early 19th century. The term for tatting in most European languages is derived from French frivolité, which refers to the purely decorative nature of the textiles produced by this technique. I am taken with many European varieties of lace, but tatting is a favorite! and I am happy to use a bit on Lady Louise. -She looks happy too!
Notice her banner made of old canvas and hand lettered. She holds it proudly in her dotted arms.

I wish I could have each of you over for tea and to play in the studio! For now I will settle with sharing the product of my happiness in the studio...

Lady Louise the Wicked Pumpkin

Tatting reference:

Spencer, Charles Louis (1935). Knots, splices and fancy work. Kennedy Bros; 2nd edition, Wikipedia