Monday, April 25, 2011

Living or Imagined.

It's been awhile since the breezes held a touch of warmth. Sunday was the perfect day for a tea party. It floated in on a whim and enveloped us for a minute. Pretend was the most delish thing on the menu.

My son, Bry, invited all of the Pumpkins in our shared work studio. They obliged happily... We came to the shared assumption that Mud and Crowns CAN go together beautifully.

A velvet rabbit happened up on our blanket. She shared with us her love of tulle and turquoise. We thanked her and she moved along.

Checking to see if our pretend tea is warm to the touch...

Tiny little fingers about a demi cup! Ahhh this day was good!

We used cotton candy colored beads for our food, but it only made us hunger for REAL cotton candy.

A bit of rhinestone for good measure.

This is a magical alabaster egg. It's the earliest thing I remember owning. I would bury it in my mom and grandma's plants and they would unearth it each time they re potted. I keep it in a cloche style dome because I believe it is a magic, sacred, weathered piece of my childhood.

Mon Petite Fleur looked so pretty in the fresh air!

I brought my pocketbook, but instead of cash I had a crown. Not a single invited party, living or imaginary complained...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Magic of a Royal Wedding... A studio celebration

Back in the late 1980's I recall my first fledgling enchantment with delicate English living. I would scour issues of Victoria, soaking in the romance of tea, the chivalry of men and the magic. As we look to the quickly approaching Royal Wedding my inner Anglophile has been softly wakened and offered tea. I thought it only a proper that I create a Prim Pumpkin British Edition... in celebration of the Royal Wedding! 29, April 2011 will mark the day when we will have a real princess and the little boy that has grown up in the same time as me will be her royal knight...Her Prince of hearts. I felt a little celebration in the studio!

As you know and I have stated like 32 times...I am a fan of the magic of things and as a girl the magic of fairies was far greater that the mystique of the Easter bunny or Santa Clause. To me, the folks of England really believed in fairies. I love the stories my Grandma told me of the Cottingley Fairies. The idea of two little girls, Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths, who in 1917 captured photograph of fairies who visited them. This all took place in England in a fabulous thatch roof cottage I am sure!

England was the place I envisioned when a story started with "in a land far, far away"

So, the magic of fairy dust...Royal Weddings...Love... and Pumpkins come together. In the spirit of Royal Pumpkin love, I give to you.....
"Royally Speaking"

Teacups were filled with wands, and my little prince was willing to help!

Details are sprinkled everywhere!

Her hat turned out lovely... in true Kate fashion!

Ahhh... and my Prince, all to happy to play!

This Prim Pumpkin is now on eBay... Let the festivities begin!

Thank you all so much for being part of my last Give Away!

In pumpkin love, Jennie

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Drum Roll Please...

Children love to assist with the drawing of anything from a hat..... This is why I was especially excited when my TWO preteen lovies stopped in for a visit. While one is too cool for doing things, but will watch from afar, the other sweetie was all to keen to help! Last night was the close of entry for my Prim Pumpkin give away.... and if you recall, Miss Estelle is the Pumpkin folks were entering to win!
Lex selected her favorite couture vintage hat for the drawing. Each name was jotted on a paper and tossed into the hat. The names were swirled in a fairy magic manner..... A name was pulled from the hat....
And the winner is.......LACeY JanE!!!!!!

Lacey Jane is a fellow artist, please visit her at:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

PrIM PuMpKin GiVe AwAY !

So every once in a pink moon, I get the whisper of pumpkin fairies bee-bopping around. I usually do what they tell me and this whisper is saying time to host a delightful little


In one short week(Friday the 15th) I will draw a name and this sweet soul will receive Estelle (pictured in this post) as a Prim Pumpkin Give Away.

(international pumpkin lovers are welcome to play)

Yep, you read right... Just follow my blog, leave me a comment on this post if you already follow, and you are in the running for vintage encrusted Pumpkin Estelle!

When I was in the creation process of this little beauty, I spent several hours stitching sections of her skirt, you see I was trying to re-create an idea I saw on the most gorgeous table linens I have ever set your eyes on... I soon learned that the process was much too time consuming! The effect turned out really well! This is a unique piece for me because it is a hanging art doll ornament.
I call her Estelle. It just seemed fitting for such a Paris Pink sweetheart! I used so many vintage elements on her. Her hanger is constructed out of soft pink velvet!
Thank you for following my bliss and I wish you LUCK!

and LOVE...

Monday, April 4, 2011

You have to duck to enter my studio...

Dear Prim Pumpkin friends, I hope this Monday afternoons post finds you happy and well! I have so much to tell you, The first is, I listed my sweet Josephine doll on eBay and her auction ends tonight... Click here to see her. I have been madly painting and planning our wedding! This is one of the signs that will greet our guests pictured above! The next is this... I had to go to work on Saturday, but on my way I saw an estate sale sign and to me, this was a fabulous attempt of sealing a moment of vintage bliss. The house was a modest ranch, but inside I found the most lovely hand work! I was lucky enough to buy two sweet chairs. They are feminine with button tufted accents. The lady running the sale sold both for $10.00... YES, I said $10.00. That then brings us to the point of where to put these little cupcakes? One already must duck when entering Prim Pumpkin Studio, due to this amazing gossamer salmon colored dream of a dress hanging from my curtain...
This dress is the kind that when worn, the lady must step extra high due to the influx of men falling at her feet. Trimmed in lavender, this was sure a show stopper in it's time...

This is one of the chairs! Striped in beige, pink and green and begging to be sat in! I am sure we will have many armchair journeys together!