Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coffee... the blood of creative

I detoured on my way home... seeking out a Good cup of coffee, and by coffee I mean mocha. What started out as a trip for coffee bloomed into a shopping trip.
As I walked in the friendly aroma of coffee, it enveloped me.... Old wonderful aroma... The barista told me about the new Tribute blend. Tribute is a spicy and full-bodied blend with berry and dark cherry notes. It is the celebrating of 40 years for Starbucks! So, not only was I romanced by the bean, The have a new CD! It's a disc of dreams featuring Duke Ellington, Paul McCartney, Beck, Madeleine Peyroux, Dean Martin, Nora Jones + more! I think this one will sell out! I love music when I create, and this one is a breathe of fresh air.

This is Joe showcasing our coffee. The trip that love built. The coffee shop stop that filled out creative gas tanks but broke my bank. : ) I would be remiss if I did not mention the adorable coffee stoppers we received. We use them as swords and fight Princess Bride style though.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Carol James and my inspired studio...

On Friday I had no idea the art doll spirits would conspire, and these two wee pumpkins would blossom ... James Taylor and Carol King filled our home with both texture and harmony. As their voices, perfectly paired, poured from the CD player a sense of inspiration came over me. Inspiration is a good read, a thought, a bit of music that makes me smile.

"The true worth of a man is not to be found in man himself, but in the colours and textures that come alive in others"- Albert Schweitzer

This white ghostie is called Carol James in memory of my weekend listening. :) She is small but filled with might and vigor. She secretly loves ruffles, they make her smile. Carol James wears stripes, she prefers simple shift dresses as opposed to the prim frocked pumpkins I usually create.

Skirted in chiffon, cotton and silk, Estelle is dressed like a cupcake.
You can get a good glimpse of her vintage garden look and her pearly trim embellishments here. She is a hanging art doll ornament.

When my studio is filled with the things that make it come alive like texture, love and music, I am at my most creative! Thank you for taking the time to meet Carol James and Estelle.

Have a happy week!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Divine Josephine

Jennie Hepler in studio with Josephine, who now has two arms.

A curious breeze has penetrated the walls of my studio. On this breeze I feel the twinkle of French romance and old world charm. Because I am an armchair traveller, a rummager , and a collector of vintage bits I love the imagery of a Paris flea market. It's probably not how I imagine it, but it's my dream, so I can paint the picture however romantic I like.

I studied French, but if you don't use it you loose it. I think it's a beautiful language.

As I created Josephine I thought of French chocolate. I wondered in I lived in France, would I covet American lace?

Josephine is not a Prim Pumpkin of convention. She is a pumpkin who knows her heart realizing the importance of simple indulgence. Josephine loves toile and patterns, she reclaims millinery and creates couture. She does it all, but in a lady-like fashion.

I stitched this blossom from vintage velvet. It was the perfect accent I think. While my dolls are of a primitive nature, they are feminine and luscious in the way they come to life and share a story.

Josephine rarely is seen with out a hat, she has the face for hats! She is simply devilishly divine.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

EHAG Challenge Fantome de Citrouille

Dear Friends,
It is with great pleasure I offer you my piece from the Goblin and Ghostie EHAG Challenge.
This is a wee PrimPumpkin standing only 8.5 inches tall. Her name is
Fantôme de Citrouille
which translates to Pumpkin Ghost!

She is a sweet little confection of an art doll sure to steal your heart. Fantome has been haunting a little Paris pastry shop for years! She has a lovely hat and a flowing ghostly cloak. Do you know what frightens this little pumpkin? … I’ll tell you… the thought of a day without cupcakes! She has both hands on her face out of fear!

She is on eBay right now, snap on over and have a look see! CLICK HERE

Monday, March 14, 2011

I am a Brooch Bride-Vintage alternative bouquet

Our wedding will be filled with things we both love. If have been reading my blog for very long you know how close my Grandma and I were. I could not plan such an event without infusing her bright spirit throughout.
Grandma collected vintage brooches, she had an old Victrola case fashioned into a jewelry box to house her treasures. This past January, an idea from ETSY collided with my desire to make these brooches part of the wedding. I made a vintage brooch bouquet!
It really turned out gorgeous!
The collar on the bouquet is made from a rescued antique wedding dress. I am sure the dress is pleased to be part of another wedding! The dress, tattered beyond repair, was found at a charity shop.
I wrapped the handle in hand dyed velvet- real velvet! The feel of this bouquet is perfect! Make no mistake, there will be flowers, but there will also be my Grandma's brooches, blinged into a bouquet.
I fist saw this idea on ETSY and fell in love with the idea of becoming a brooch bride. It's a unique way to put family heirlooms front and center!
Click here to see my inspiration piece
After the dust settles, I will post a tutorial. I am also making brooch bouquets for my Maid of Honour and my Bridesmaids! : )

Monday, March 7, 2011

It was a warm August day when her hat arrived...

Her complexion had warmed with the earth and it was visible. She arrived at the park and all of the other girls stopped to take notice. Fleur was always dressed in floral, and this day would be no different. But, today she had arrived with a pouf of pleasant on top of her pumpkin head.
Her hat had finally arrived! This was the one she had waited for. It sat Primly on her head and her smile was ever so coy!

Fleur is a Prim Pumpkin with vicious cuteness! She has sheepish eyes and a turned up grin!

Fleur exemplifies an age when ladies wore hats to feel pretty and put together. I love that age and I miss it! I feel like I should be part of that time...
I collect vintage hats and I wear them about as often as I can. I created a flapper style beauty to wear on my wedding day! I'll show you some pictures of that next time. This post is all for Fleur and her love for hats! Don't you think she has the perfect face for wearing hats? Some pumpkin just have a face for them! For her, wearing a fancy hat is a costume of floral prettiness.

She belongs to her hat as much as it belongs to her...

Fleur is available on Ebay click here to view!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A PFATT Shoe in GIVEawaY!

Good day happy blogland!

I am so happy to be part of a wonderful group called PFATT. PFATT stand for Primitive Folk Art Talk and Tea. But more than an acronym, it's a group of caring artists who celebrate each other. I am so sappy about how wonderful these ladies are!

This is the piece I am donating....

"Shoes are a girls best friend"

A Prim Pumpkin art doll, standing in a vintage child's Mary Jane shoe. Pink and ivory tell a story of a little pumpkin girl who loves to accessorize. She measures 8.5 inches tall.

Do you want to make her yours????

Just drop over to the PFATT blog and leave a comment

Here she is with her pal Effie.


She is actually standing in a vintage ADORABLE shoe. You all know how I adore shoes- they don't even have to be my size... Love 'em all...

This is my theory, My Prim Pumpkins love Halloween. They love to take on a costume, creepy as can be, but during the rest of the year they wear vintage finery!
Good luck to you all!