Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shoe Porn- a non doll posting

Personal style and details can create such an amazing ambiance. As many of you know I am in the process of planning our Vintage Chic wedding for this Fall. The details are wonderful to get lost in, but there are so darn many of them!
Famous last words..... Oh, I can do that... ha!
I have my dress and the next step in the process is finding the right shoe. I need the left one as well... :) I have been searching the Internet for something amazing...something remarkable... something brilliant! I have gleaned so many images of beautifully photographed weddings that my senses are honed....
Shoes are an important part of the event...his, mine and ours! People will be paying attention to details as we will have very little alcohol, So I present to you ... Shoe Porn! The shoes pictured above are from Hey Lady Shoes. I love these shoes...swoon : ) All of them!
The trend for several years has been a colored wedding shoe, but because I have an elaborate hair embellishment, I am opting for understated elegance. I know, I know- understated is not my traditional comfortable place in footwear.

These are my hearts desire... they are aptly called Twinkletoes

Twinkling from a different angle!

And here we have champagne goggles...
if you would like to visit hey lady, click here

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Effie in Autumn Bloom!

Effie is a Prim Pumpkin dripping with the charms of Autumn. Yes, I know it's February, and we were harshly reminded of that fact with ice, snow, power outages galore and bitter cold. But, I am dreaming of how a pumpkin would dress in her feminine vintage foundling scraps...fashioned ever so enchantingly into a frock of fancy... a hat of fluttering delight. "A merry day to you" says Effie!
My sweet little Effie is making her blogland debut! It's almost 11:00pm and I am so tired, but I have been thinking of Miss Effie and how much I want to share her with you. I hope this post finds you with power and well. On to Effie... She is the keeper of pumpkin-found items. You know, the lost or tossed items that pumpkin folk might stumble on and keep.

Effie is a pillar of her community, a lady of charm and grace. Her frocks are known for being lavish and feminine and above all.. WONDERFUL. A fanciful frock is a perfectly fabulous thing to be known for. She is standing here with Pippa, a gorgeous pumpkin girl who is in love with shoes!

This is her statement collar, complete with vintage embellishments and millinery.
In my imagination, Effie's cupboard looks like this!

I have very exciting news! I am now a member of EHAG. This is a huge houour and I am so excited. EHAG is the Eclectic Halloween Artist Group- a group of professional Halloween artist selling on eBay.

Effie is now offered on eBay! CLICK HERE!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

finding my spot in ritual

The thrill of creating something is a satisfying feeling. I may work a frock or a nose for days before I get it just right, and it's the getting it just right that keeps me drawn into the studio, pulled graciously to the table... eyes filled with vintage, sure to stumble on an idea. I still feel just as I did when I began this Prim Pumpkin journey. I want to share my bliss(aka happiness in my little heart!) through my art. My Pumpkins are the product of ritual. Ritual that summons romance and lacies.

It's this ritual of creating that is my best teacher. Last year, when I submitted work to Paula Deen Magazine I was honored at such an opportunity to share my Pumpkins! I created work and sent it gleefully only for the final culmination to be rather a heart breaker. I was told all of my work had been disposed of... From this experience I learned that it's not enough to create work and put it out there. The ritual began with an idea but I was so excited that the ritual stopped there. I understand my own process better now and I see that the ritual of creating does not stop when the pumpkin is complete. Part of the ritual is protecting what I create... which I did not do. A lesson I now have under my belt and I am at peace with it.
From my trove of trims a cyclone of things begin to form. Laundry falls to the wayside and dishes pile up. dinner is called drive though or pizza during this time...

Getting the details right is an important part of the whole picture. I am guilty of spending a lot of time on a single detail, I work on it until my heart flutters in excitement!
Today I am honoring the ritual of creating from start to finish, feeling joy for all that fill the space in between.
It is because these little pumpkin characters are aching to burst out that I am an artist.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

the legacy of rummage in my studio

When I was girl I would stay at my Grandma's house a lot. In the evenings, after dinner we would fill our rituals with love. She was an avid collector of sewing bits and fabric, books, costume jewelry, couture...and dolls, all things that a girl dreams of looking through. She taught me an art that stays with me even today; the art of rummage. She had collected for decades before I was ready to learn. So the stage was set and the name of the play was discovery. I could and did spend hours looking at masses of buttons. If I had a nickle for each button my hands touch during my childhood, I would certainly be a billionaire! This is the same flavor I have created in my studio. The warm essence of a lounge for things of the past. Small and glittery, unwanted, past the prime, but all terribly welcome in my studio.
I think my Grandma would love the studio, she would think each detail was brilliant!

When I stitch in the studio, I save bits of scrap fabric in a box. I was in a quandary as to what to do with them and I created this hair embellishment!
At work today a lady actually said to me, mid conversation, you look like a Valentine... I really didn't know what to say, but I think I like it!

I can't help but think the bits of scrap I rummaged and put together poured out a little love!

Happy day from your VALENTINE!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Audrey... an inspired Pumpkin

It was only recently I realized that I have been in love with Tiffany blue for quite sometime. Tiffany blue coats two of our rooms at home. And as I plan our wedding it is quietly creeping into our color scheme. I have a Tiffany and Co. box sitting at our computer as I type. It's simply one of those colors... you know the type, the ones that have the ability to make you happy at first sight. I am not sure if it's the calming shade of blue, or the excitement one feels when holding a Tiffany box, or the idea that it looks sweet like a cupcake or cotton candy...
This is Audrey, a Prim Pumpkin in Tiffany blue. I loved creating her. I feel like she will brighten bleak winter days and boost the sunshine a bit with her cheer. I feel so attached to my art dolls! It's as if when I stitch, sculpt, paint, gather vintage embellishments a wee bond is formed. What I am doing in my life at that very spot in time pours into my Pumpkins. I love to bring you into my vision of how a Prim Pumpkin behaves whether at a Halloween Ball, or during Prom, or at Tea...
I hope you loved a little peek at Audrey. She is currently listed on Ebay for auction you can CLICK HERE to see her. She loved her photo shoot! No matter where I posed her she took the cupcake!
A couple of my favorite Audrey Hepburn quotes:
"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”
My own life has been much more than a fairy tale. I've had my share of difficult moments, but whatever difficulties I've gone through, I've always gotten the prize at the end.-- Audrey Hepburn