Monday, December 13, 2010

plaid classic style

It was 2:35 on a random Wednesday that I fell in love with plaid. Throughout my adult life I averted my eyes... in fear of being swallowed whole by a Ralph Lauren pony.. I think. My seasoned palate of shabbiness could not accomidate the treasure of tweed or the perkiness of plaid. I gravitated towards vintage golds and silvers with hits of patina.

Be still my beating heart..... Joe and I stopped into Barnes and Noble for a spot of coffee and a heap in inspiration soup and low and behold a Country Living Magazine British Edition was nestled in comfortably with the plethora of Holiday titles. The cover held the story of a Autumn ... a barn wood dream in amber. So I was pulled to this magazine and then drawn in like a moth to a flame ( I've always wanted to say that) to a story of a shepherdess. Alison O'Neil has a flock of 200 sheep bred for wool only, not the meat. She is know throughout the Howgill fells in Cumbria for her combinations of tweed.
She puts together some wonderful combinations. Some pieces were found at charity shops and some are available from her website. CLICK HERE

After reading this story spun with love, I began my fall into love.... I owned nothing in tweed but somehow the very thought of having something in plaid or tweed held the thought of romance.. And you know full and well I am an original hopeless romantic.

That evening I had a feeling ... oh you know the one. The feeling that if I go to the thrift shop right now there will be a prize just for me. One day it was a huge tiara and magic wand, another a pair of baby uggs, but today a British thought bubble was hovering. I found some wonderful treats! All of the fabrics pictured in this post were from this jaunt.

I love how beautifully stripes, tweed and plaid all go together. I love how British it feels and I love how it all came together . You will undoubtedly see plaid in my future work and you will know that my pumpkins have taken tea...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Growing my creative muscles!

My dear friends,
It has been one of those weeks.... The kind that makes you stronger, Gives you a fresh wrinkle, and inspires you to sit an pen a post to explain...
This week made me see the truth in growing creative muscles. When I create it's from the heart and when my Prim Pumpkins go out in to the world I never imagined they would be ill received.... and that's what happened. I was not prepared for the feelings this stirred up. I was told by a publication that my work had been disposed of.
Because of this, I feel the sprouting of new muscles. Muscles that will make me a better artist. I still don't understand, but I will keep creating and aligning myself with wonderful artists and editors who lift up and encourage art.

Then, on Wednesday night, I fell down the stairs at home. I was in a hurry and this hurry slowed my pace WAY down!!! I am so sore! I feel like I need a Zen day.
I am creating a new doll, a smaller one than Parisina and Mimi. I am still so pleased with Parisina, she is a vintage dream. Her auction ends on Sunday so take a peek at her!
My week held more than this bit... it had happy bits as well, which I will tell about next week! : )
Thank you for listening as I told you about my rejection...
Love to you,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Parisina in vintage finery

I love all things vintage and of days gone by... I am a romantic and I am hopeless... THIS I KNOW, without a doubt ... for sure. :0)

I have been known to get lost in estate sales, caught up in the love letters and heartfelt bits from a child to her mother, and then saddened that these memories went unwanted. Not to worry, I am a memory collector! My studio is full of ephemera and Paris nostalgia stored and waiting to make the next debut! For my latest doll, I dipped into my treasure trove and the result is a luscious little bit of love Parisina and her doll.
Colors so soft and shabby come together to create Parisina. She is washed in layers of paint and dressed in vintage shabby chic finery. Memories and tiny bits of vintage remembrances took in a deep breath of new life...bringing Parisina and Mimi to life.

In her hand, Parisina holds her prized doll... she calls her Mimi. Mimi is adorned in vintage pieces of lace, buttons and pearly embellishments. Both are beautiful fancy pumpkins. Parisina wears a gorgeous hat! I'll post better pictures in her auction! When I use vintage fabrics and beautiful findings I feel like bygone memories are given new life and a second chance to tell a story. I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek of Parisina and Mimi. They are a Paris market pair!
I think the reason I love vintage so very much is because of the story. The wear on an old Rosary, giving way to the stories of birth, death, and great Faith that it has absorbed in the hands of whomever owned it. Or old dish cloths, I know in my Grandma's kitchen a dish cloth was tucked in the waist of her apron and had the power to do all of those kitcheny things as well as wipe away tears and hurt. PURE MAGIC !! I really believe that vintage finery holds the power and magic worth knowing about and worth holding close to our hearts. Anytime I can use old bits in my art, I will, because I want to give these stories another chance and I want you to add to the story that is already there.

Peace Love and Vintage!