Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Published Pumpkin up for Grabs!

Good evening friends,

Here it is, 9pm on a Tuesday. I have been editing and prepping my latest auction (click here to see it) for about an hour and a half : ) Devine is his name... but he likes friends to call him Devie.
My latest offering is a Prim Pumpkin that you may be familiar with. This old fella was PUBLISHED!!! in the Autumn Issue of ART DOLL QUARTERLY. I say that in caps because I am still on cloud nine about it.
Devie is a love collector. He has an amazing job! He collects bits of hearts and gives them out to those in need! This is my quote for Devie...
"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart . Who looks outside,dreams; who looks inside,awakes." This is by Carl Jung.
I have a very special duo on the work table right this moment and I can't wait to show you... But that's for a later post!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pumpkins in pastel ROCK!

I would be remiss in my blogging if I didn't mention the bitter nip in the air. It's almost eight thirty in the evening and I am cold and tired. The Christmas-time elves took my hand today and led me to some wonderful treasures for two people on my list.

Michigan has been enveloped in the brisk bite called winter. I love the pretty pea coats, and I have a couple, but I default to my Columbia jacket; it' s rated for Arctic temps, but not the most stylish thing.

My brain froze and when it thawed I started creating in Pink!!! Pink - and not the Victoria's Secret kind... the sweet vintage variety that I love so very much. Vintage pearls and finery from my studio came together and this sweet little Minne emerged!

This is Minnie with Pearls

Click HERE to see her auction!
Minnie exudes a bit of warmth... Just what I need! Her smile is welcoming and her pink hat will make you smile.

Her vintage pearl embellishments were give to me by a collector of my work. They proved to be the most wonderful addition. Thank you Rosemary for thinking of me!!

Minnie is an English Prim Pumpkin, she loves to take tea with me in the studio! In fact she is standing on a vintage saucer!

Her bodice would make Rachel Ashwell envious! Shabby fabulous.

This original tag was tucked into the brim of the hat.. A bit of pink nostalgia and the reason I call her Minnie.

We are both are looking at something very glittery. Please check out her auction and send me some warm vibes!!

Pumpkins in Pastel ROCK!

Huge LOVE and thank you for the LOVE back!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A magical gathering of PFATT

When we traveled to Ghoultide Gathering in Northville, Michigan I had the pleasure of meeting a treat basket full of amazing Halloween artists. Most of these dear people are members of a sisterhood called PFATT. The acronym may seem like a string of letters but I assure you it's much more. It actually brands or marks artwork as mysterious , elusive and highly sought after. The letters pulled apart stand for Primitive Folk Art Talk and Tea but together it means a sisterhood of encouragement and understanding. I am so happy to have been invited into this group of professional folk artists! I think this will be a happy collaboration and eBay will be a welcoming artist marketplace to sell my Prim Pumpkins. Happy Happy Happy as a squashed up pumpkin head!

I have been dipping my fingers into the snowtime inspiration and this is what I come up with... a Snowtime Pumpkin. He is the first and there will soon be more... I feel them urging me to bring them to life!

In celebration of my invitation to PFATT, Joe took me to dinner at my favorite place and I indulged in a wonderful meal and a sinful dessert of peanut butter pie. The variety that blends the finest cool whip, cream cheese and peanut butter into a pie of dreams and magic.

I am so happy and I just wanted to share it with you!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Candy Corn Louie From Prim Pumpkin

I really enjoy selling on eBay! I have received more than bids... The positive feedback about my art has been so encouraging. This is SLY STELLA, she is my latest offering on eBay
But don't go just yet... Look at my latest work in progress....

Candy Corn Louie
for Louie, the business of trick or treat is a serious one! Candy Corn has become his obsession; he even dreams about it, and the more tiny triangles of Halloween goodness he can get it his large jack o lantern grin the better. On Halloween night, Louie hides under the table and collects candy corn as you chow down on the higher food chain candy such as Reese Cups and Hershey Bars.

Candy Corn Louie has orange large corduroy pants that accentuate his plump tummy.

This is my little guy in the studio with Mommie.

He did not like sharing space on my work table with Louie and was sure to tell him about it!

This is Bryer ... building manual dexterity while sculpting a spaceship.

Creativity in action my dear friends! Please make sure you check out my latest auction, I am so happy with how it turned out! Thanks for stopping in!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a bit of Halloween blues!

GYPSY is now listed on EBay click here!

I really can't believe Halloween is over... I have been feeling a bit down about the passing of a holiday which celebrates the child at heart in us all...The making or concocting of the costumes. The enjoyment of seeing others creation spun right from my imagination in shades of orange and black crepe.... Crooked stems and all of those pumpkin grins definitely make my season bright.

So, after I realized I was in a bit of a post Halloween depression, I went to a local antique shop for a creative recharge. I walked in and Vonda Shepard was playing on the CD player. Which makes me feel strangely comforted because it reminds me of Allie McBeal.... and I could never be as bad off as her... with the dancing baby imagery and all : 0 )

I was greeted by booths of Shabby Chic and vintage girly finds. Vintage fabrics, hats of velvet, vintage prom dresses in hues of melon and aqua. I was in heaven. So many stories... baby shoes, ballet slippers, and bits of lace! I left with a small bag but a big fill of color and inspiration.

My work has been incredibly received this year. Which means this is a pivotal year in my art. I was given room to create, a space to flourish. and when nurtured in this manner my creativity jumped into high gear! I was so very through the roof excited about having an article in Art Doll Quarterly and then when I was told that my doll would be featured on the cover I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!! I had a very nice follow up story in the local paper and then a great show were I almost sold out! All of this is positive reinforcement in the utmost! Which led me to eBay. I have been tip toeing around and after Pfatt encouragement, I slid into the water and I was so happily surprised at the interest!

The moral of the story is that when you are passionate about creating...it shows it pours through your fingers... and it reminds me of this quote:
" The greatness of art is not to find what is common but what is unique"-Isacc Bashevis Singer

My plan is to keep listing my original work on Ebay and Etsy and let the creativity flow!
Halloween in my Heart,