Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gypsy Squashblossom Lee -Prim Pumpkin

I waited for the sun to come up this morning so I could take my pumpkin outside to photograph her... The wet grass met my bare feet in shocking alarm! It never ever in the slightest bit occurred to me to slip on shoes, I was a woman on a mission. The pant legs of my pajamas were wet but I persevered.... I wanted so badly for you to met her!

~Gypsy Squashblossom Lee~
The star of Pumpkin Burlesque

She will be going on a journey this weekend to Ghoultide Gathering, she is very excited...

She features vintage fabric and old time embellishments. She is a Prim Pumpkin original.

Sometimes we have to go outside in the early morning dew to see what the fuss is all about.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ghoultide Loot Dream

I know I should be getting ready for work, but I'd rather send you a quick little note! I told of ornament making in my last post and I wanted to share a picture. A sweet little Jack and a star to boot!
It's so cold here in Michigan this morning. My alarm went off and I really struggled to free myself from the warmth of my blankets. I remembered immediately that I had dreamed of Ghoultide, a Halloween artist gathering here in MI. Last year it was wonderful, I don't care that it rained or that I ran out of money before the salivation fell from my lip... Just so see the excellence of talent poured into such a small space is amazing. Can you tell, I am excited?? The event is next Saturday! I dreamed that I harvested loot, ate with the likes of artists comparable to Monet... in my mind, and shared it all with the man of my dreams...
As you know, one of my Prim Pumpkins was featured on the cover and more inside of the Autumn issue of Art Doll Quarterly, I can't tell you how wonderful this has been for my art work. I was greeted this morning by two emails from collectors wanting to add my dolls to their collection. Both had viewed my work in the magazine and wanted to post their mags to me for me to sign and post back.
To say the least, I am overjoyed that something I created continues to spark a happy spark in the eye of Halloween art collectors!

Friday, September 24, 2010

just a quick glimpse of a new Prim Pumpkin...

I haven't forgotten about you my sweet blog lovers!
I have been fully in the swarm of creating!!! This is the latest lovie pumpkin wumpkin, he is much too sweet for pie. I have been making Halloween ornaments as well, which I will show you in my next post... all with the thought of my upcoming show....Fall into the Arts Battle Creek MI 10/15/10.
Okay, so I have to visit this subject ever so lightly... I only want to do shows next year, that are Halloween specific or Holiday... Folk Art focused. This one I am doing is the exception because it is fine art oriented and people really get my work. I need to find shows or a show that my art will be well received at. I have been doing well on etsy and ebay is a possibility...
While selling my work is not the reason for creating, I do need a viable lane of communicating with Halloween collectors. I have been thinking a lot about this and I really would like to be part of a Big Halloween Extravaganza.
This new little pumpkin is looking up in the sky for a wisp of glitter left by the broom of a good witch!
I want to show you some of my Halloween decor... I really have a ball creating auspicious vignettes of spooky cheer!

This image features work by the Holiday Queen, Joyce Stahl, Shelia Bentley, JoeTakens and moi.

This picture features a band of my Prim Pumpkins!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Market Untraditional Witch

This is the Market Witch I had eluded to in my last posting. She rarely makes her way out of the house, because of this her skin is pale and when she dusts a fine powdering of rouge it looks strange and out of place. I am so excited to share her with you.

She moves quickly to the market with hopes of gathering all of the herbs to concoct her next potion...maybe it's one of love, or maybe it's a creative mojo potion, made with the intent of getting me on track for the Holiday.

I fashioned her clothing of bright and beautiful fabric, straying from the normal trappings of traditional Halloween coloring and flying on my broom directly into different.

Her hat really turned out as I'd hoped. Around the edges it's imperfect and has character. I imagined her hat to have once been black, but she loved the feel and so when the time came to replace it, she had it recovered ... like a good sofa, instead. :)

Just a peek into the studio during the creative process!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bounty of the Market

A whisper of the most wonderful time of year has breathed its magic through our little town these past few days. The farmer's market was filled with ponchos and lightly woven covers over the organic cotton t shirts and sundresses of two weeks ago. Apples speckled the farmer’s tables in all fashions and tangs of taste I love honey crisp ans wad delighted to find a peck. The peaches have had their time in the spotlight and now the prices rise as the farmers glean less and less from the trees. I have never really appreciated the magnificence of a peach until this year. I have always eaten them out of hand. I will share with you this wonderful recipe I found in an old Victoria Magazine on the side bar of my bog. It is wonderful and a tip that was not mentioned in the recipe is to submerge your peaches in hot water before trying to peel. If you don't do this, your peaches post prep will resemble a very unpleasant peach massacre.... you 1 peaches 0....

This Saturday, after the doll bodies were stitched together, we were like treasure hunters seeking a chest of gold at the market... and we found it in the form of tomato's, peppers, garlic, blackberries, flowers, and lavender shortbread cookies, a mixture that elated my senses! We have attended this market all summer long and by attended I mean like a play or production of sorts... the bounty of Michigan taking center stage... the fresh clean vegetables and succulent fruits were like still life arrangements in each vendor's area. I have been guilty of indulging in more than I needed... just because of the beauty of each composition...

Black berries were eaten ravenously out of hand as we walked, many of the other ingredients were to become a pizza for dinner.

I have a few works in progress this week, a market witch, a small pumpkin man and 13 lucky star ornies.

I hope your Labor Day is filled with the bliss of a new season.