Monday, August 30, 2010

Blogging lifts our bliss

I like to create a doll that exudes emotion, because the joy in life sometimes falls right in line with making some one feel that emotion. This quote says it so much better...

"They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel"-Carl Buechner

She wears a handmade paper mache hat dusted with German Glitter glass. Ms. I have a surprise, has a hand painted bodice and is mounted on a vintage shabby bit of wood. She is my latest Prim Pumpkin and as all Prim Pumpkins, the latest is my favorite! I outfitted her in duponi silk, cotton and vintage canvas. She is the epitome of pumpkin fair lady-dom... I let my friend at work see her, and she firmly believes this pumpkin is thinking so many men so little time... I think it's more like does he know his fly is down?.... At any rate, we had a good conversation about her expression.

As I stitch in the studio I sometimes think, oh Carolee would love this, or Joyce and Lori would truly get a kick out of this... It made me realize that our blogs are a very powerful means of sharing our creative bliss in a way past generations of creative minds could only dream of. My curiosity is piqued daily as I read the personal revelries of my friends, my counterparts and my contemporaries... People that I wished lived closer to because I would most defiantly invite them to tea....Often.

As I read about artists lives, creations, and struggles I am enriched by their experiences. I am enchanted and really entranced at the masterful way the story of their creative process is spread out for the world to witness. Because this is our story... Our blogs are our stories...

Blogging lets us choose our families... our very own creative caravan of bliss... Starting with a post and then gifted by the comments of support and encouragement from people who understand what it feels like to have work rejected.

So this is what I have been thinking about... In my many years of following blogs I have very rarely heard a negative comment. Only wonderful positive encouragement. Blogging is a peek into the soul, The sharing of how we make an art out of living... artfully. The comment is our way of lifting up other creative beings one blog at a time.

I am proud of the artists I follow. I share in their need to be fulfilled and I am happy when they triumph. I comment when I can but not nearly enough...I am working on that...

My Blog is the artful way of inviting you into my gypsy caravan...share my food , my art, my tears and my laughs and in the end we are all enriched by the pureness and connection of our bliss.

5 Things I love about your blog

1. I love it when you take pictures of your shoes. Shoes tell a lot about a person.

2. I love it when you tell a story about something that was lost and is now found.

3. I love it when you tell me a story and you have not figured out the ending quite yet.

4. I love it when you are thinking Is this all there is for me and by then end of your blog post you come to the revelation this is all I need.

5. I love it when you show your work space, which to me is a mecca of harvested goodness!

Thank you for being so positive! Thank you for posting a comment that will make someones day!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Halloween ornaments hot outta the oven

As you enter my studio ... beware, pumpkins are gazing at you from near and afar! They cast their spells of love, mischief ,and sweet fun and you walk in , unaware. If you mood is lovey or impish or laugh a minute upon leaving, you have been hit by a spell.

My Prim Pumpkin Ornaments are ready like a pie for your ghoulish consumption. (although no part of my ornaments are actually edible)
They are sparkling with German glitter glass and could very well be the prim star of your Halloween tree. As pretty as a spoonful of sugar, and as happy as trick or treat for "whole" candy bars! I wish I could invite you to my studio and show you around, letting you visually sop up the color and texture and vignette that is my little place of creation-mojo. I am in love with my creative space if you can't tell. I don't think I have ever really had my own spot.

Halloween ornaments are slightly new for me , but the whole idea was that I could create something at a lower price point than my dolls. NOw on ETSY @ 30.00 each.
Thank goodness it's Friday, love to you.

Monday, August 23, 2010

31st Prize goes to Ms. Hepler...

This past week I was on vacation from work. As we all know, this means very different things to different people, but to me it was a chance to settle into the new cottage. I unpacked disheveled boxes filled with things that have occupied spots in my heart for the past 30 some years. These things are representations of people places and things in my life and I have held on like I was clinging to the very moments of interaction.

I store them up... house them, protect their integrity. Occasionally take them out and look at them .... maybe to make sure I remember THAT memory... So, as I unpacked some of these boxes it was a personal reunion. I can now fill my home with some of these things I have been packing on my back like a little mule. I realize that no matter how long I keep my grandmother's unfinished embroidery or her hankies or the Bobbie pins that sat in a cup next to her chair, I cannot squeeze those things and ring out a single extra second with her. But, I can keep them until I grown my letting go muscles stronger... and arrive at a place where old memories live strong with the new.

I don't need my Grandma's wedding ring to know that she loved well and cried well and wanted me to have the world right in my hand. A bit of gold and diamonds, cold to the touch, are a far cry from the warmth I feel in my heart. As I walk down the streets of a little beach town this past week, I know without a doubt she gave me the world.... in her kind and gentle way. In how she loved unconditionally... Because as I walk I am with people I love unconditionally. The lessons and memories were not lost on me...

hold on to some and let go of the rest....

Not only am I baring my soul to you... I do have artwork to show for my week of vacation...

I want to share a painterly piece with you... I began this piece, not knowing where it was headed and it kind of took it's own direction.
He is perched in a coach of sorts... and a bit startled about his coachman.... Pulling his coach is none other than a be-speckled bat!

He boasts a crepe paper ribbon with the number 31 on it. 31st is the best this time of year...

And a few blades of grass, courtesy of a very pleased two year old...

Monday, August 16, 2010

always room in my studio.

One tiny worktable nestled snugly amongst my own. Dreams will be painted here, things will be spilled, old keys will find there way to his fingertips and hair pins and buttons will magically appear in his little hidden drawer. This is another way that we can create and be close to each other.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mama's little baby likes anything EXCEPT for pumpkin pie!

Don't tell the others, but these are my "right now" favorites in the studio! Mama pumpkin and her two wee sprouts went out to explore... Pictured above is sister pumpkin, she has gourd warts, which will fade away as she gets older... she is looking forward to that.

I love her expression..... it's the yes, I did it... look. Little pumpkin sprouts are very mischievous, I think it's from consorting with gnomes, brownies and fairy folk, but that is pure speculation. Sister has been eating mud pies, you can see a bit of dirt around her mouth. She is kind of a tom boy, but Mama hopes if she keeps this one in luscious floral prints, a true feminine spirits will grow.

The coloring of Mama and her sprouts turned out just as creamy as I'd hoped... after many washes of color. It's a cool blue green if you can't tell. This color works so well with the fabrics.

Mama has a beautiful contrasting apron and a grin from ear to ear.... if she had them. Let me tell you about the super hero chin... it is a hereditary trait of which I find irresistible. You can see it all the way through the family vine.

Mama is holding her baby sprout and sister is standing next to her in this pose... All are sitting dolls and were made from a very cool pattern. When I was trying the pattern I really was not sure what would happen but it worked. Mama's and Grand mama's are cool because they plant pumpkin seeds that take hold and sprout forth bits of soul buried deep.
"Discover your being
if you dare to explore.
The original sound found deep in your core.
Be creative in your art of war.
Pound your drum like no one before."-M. Nova

Monday, August 9, 2010


When I create, all the world is in my teacup... at my fingertips and waiting to be experienced in full. I am the queen of the gypsies, driver of the pumpkin coach and clothier to a bunch of wee pumpkin folk. I am the mummy to a band of rouge pumpkins and a wild two year old, I am in love with the idea of "Old Paris" and I travel there in my dreams..... My studio is flooded with the melody of water crashing on the beach of my thoughts. Paula Fuga and Jack Johnson create a mellow rhythmic soundtrack to my creative life.

"Love is the answer... at least to most of the questions in my heart..."- Jack Johnson

Fill your teacup with the world and drink it in. Take the world by storm with your love, creative power and magic as only YOU can...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

All the News At Once

This weekend had the full potential for being fast forward productive. The weather has mellowed a bit and it's finally comfortable to walk outside and feel the crispness in the air, which made me long for Autumn. It's a wonderful glowing time for me. So... the productive nature floated ever so softly to the sides of the room, ready for me to pick it up at any moment. The work will always be there, but swimming in small moments of happiness -chaotic moments, with a two year old who refuses to potty train.... who is more independent than ever.... I choose to practice swimming in the small moments... I think these will be the most important.

I have some news for you, my sweet supportive friends, my art doll is featured on the cover of Art Doll Quarterly! This is a wonderful honor for me as an artist and as I look back on the artists who have held the spot prior to me I am in awe at the company I am in.

Art Doll Quarterly is a magazine with lush photography and inspiration sprinkled on every page. It's amazing because I pour over each word of each publication ...Artful Blogging, Art Doll Quarterly and Where Women Create...Finding sparkles of information that I can translate into my own artwork. So, when asked to write an article for ADQ I was ever so happy! At the very same time this happened, I was in the process of moving back home to Battle Creek, MI. I was in the middle of a Kansas sized life changing tornado and was not sure myself how the story would end. I wrote my article and sent it in...

My son and I moved into our new house and began to unpack. I had left so many things behind, but I tried to keep perspective and realize that these were THINGS. When I left with my son and began settling in our new place, I felt a terrible amount of loss. Like the way I felt when my closest friend and confidant, my Grandma, died... Maybe it was the loss of her things when I moved, or the reopening of old wounds and the feeling of raw uncertainty.... I am 33 and this is what I am doing right now.... I kept thinking about my Grandma and what she would think of my life and my decisions. I wondered if she would be proud of me for wanting to be happy.

I do know I was very afraid that I would not be able to create dolls in the same way. I wanted it to be as simple as setting up in my new studio space and turning the page to the next doll in my imagination. But, it didn't happen that way. The art of creating was sheltered within my soul and came back out when it was safe again. I don't create in the same way I did before, I create in a whole new way. My Grandma would be so happy about my news, she would probably stop and tell people on the street about my dolls... and I know she would be pleased about my life's journey and my decisions because some of the best are made under fire and because they are truly mine....

"What thou lov'st well is thy true heritage"- Ezra Pound,"Cantos"

I am honored by ADQ...