Thursday, March 18, 2010

A bit of Pettiskirt

The other day I had a moment of reflection... all the way back to Prom. I stumbled happily into the very cool website PettiSkirtStyle and it made me think of how fun these pettiskirts would have been at my prom. I wanted a special dress and something way different than Susie or MaryJane.

My Grandma stitched mine to look like Cinderella....AHHHH even then, I was more interested in a pumpkin coach and mice. I wore clear sparkled jelly sandals and my Cinderella dress and a need to be different, because that is how I felt on the inside... why not make it evident in the choice of couture.

It's so important to be authentic and true to yourself.... and if this happens to be you.

Well, Rock it out!

I exchanged emails with Julie of Pettiskirt and she was enchanting to talk with, truly authentic.

If you are in need of a bit of Pink... a bit of magic... a smile or two.... Looky here!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Billy Boo!

Hey Sunshine....... Oh My! A new creation stands waiting to meet you and his name is Billy Boo! What a fun name to say... it almost makes you look from side to side in anticipation of a little goblin hiding in wait...

Do you remember hiding... waiting with a silly evil grin.... to pop out and say BOO!
I love that spark of magic even still...
I think I would start to giggle LONG before my target approached...
giving myself away horrendously in my attempt at Spooktacular behavior. I hope I can teach my little guy how important it is to bask in the moments of true surprise...
My work has been centered around this little Prim Pumpkin creature Billy Boo. Just as with the one before, I am in love with him( I guess I am a hopeless pumpkin romantic)... his smile and his you take yourself WAY too serious look make me want to Kiss-Kiss him.
He is holding his hands to his face, playfully pretending to be super surprised as a little spider sits down beside him.

This spider has eight little leg warmers on.... and is known socially for fabulous chocolate breath, an appetite for Godiva and her troll inspired hair.

Creating my pumpkins is a process as many of you, in love with art know... but what I am learning is with each new creation, a healing is happening.
I think, through the process, my creative lens is EVER refocused on what I want to put forth as a representation of my art. I am finally comfortable in a niche..... I am okay that my focused venue will not be every one's cup of Joe.
In anything we do I think we have to TRUST the PROCESS.
Some things in life are no longer necessary and need to be healed and let go, some things we need to work on still... hold on to just a bit longer...
I think the letting loose of that which is no longer needed can be equated to training wheels. At some point you have to take those wonderful things off and fly. So, as I create I am sending love into the world, filling up my vacant spots, nourishing my spiritwith drops of honey and making a little creature...who makes me smile some.
Did you know...
What you create and send out into the world comes back to you? It's the boomerang effect... I understood the words long ago but the concept is one that I think someone could spend a lifetime getting cozy with.
If I choose only to focus on love, those parts of me that need so badly to be healed are healing. I an sending love to you right now! Guess what is reflected!!!!! (coming back in a boomerang-like fashion)
Who knew... Pumpkin love=Inner happiness
Have a luscious day love