Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Enthusiasm Within

Just a thought for today... We spend so much time and energy enveloped in the drama of the day...
Today lets think about this...
God is enthusiasm within....

religious beliefs aside(God/God Source), focus your thoughts on your enthusiasm within.

What it is it you project?
Smile at random people...
Hold the door for someone...
REALLY listen when people talk to you...
Tell them you love them...

if you are inspired(in-spirit) Art will pour out of you!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Maybe your right and a giant pineapple makes no sense at all but it makes me smile rather large. Maybe I messed up the wall, but I learned how many different shades of gold and umber it takes to get definition... I learned that it all takes time...

I am sure of this.. when things curve onto the ceiling it looks cool!

Smile BIG!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Introduction of new Doll and Tea Party!

I finished a new doll yesterday, so in celebration, Bryer and I had a bit of a Tea Party! These were the treats... Sparkles and glittery things...

I added a video at the bottom for your peeking! enjoy and I hope you like my new tea party doll.

Bryer gave each plate a sprinkle of bejeweled goodness.

It has been a hard week! I have been feeling yucky and I even missed a few days of work. I think I am on the mend and I am happy about that.
It makes me want to huddle in a warm spot until I feel right again.


Friday, February 12, 2010

She knew in her heart of hearts it was time...

This is my newest Prim Pumpkin. Her skin is the color of green apple candy accented with my favorite color of GaGa Pink.

MOST of the time we grown up fashioning this amazingly intricate cage or shelter around our hearts and spirits. Personally, I know, as I have grown up, I have polished this cage...caring it bravely over my person... decorating it... changing the color of it's exterior, but still it remains a cage.

I have fancied up my cage at times to shelter my heart. I have hidden there.. sinking into it's feathers and love and pillows of random caravanish coloration. One thing I have learned in this place is sometimes, my mind is so concentrated on making a living that I forget to make a life....A LIFE... isn't that what it's all about. Making a life with love and joy and art and spirit.

in growing... I gained compassion, understanding and learned my responsibility to fill my own heart with goodness and LOVE. The time has come... I no longer can fit all I want to share inside of this cage, which has become tiny and bent and while I acknowledge it's essential-ness to my journey, I am ready to move on...

This little bird is bursting with love and covered in the feathers of life... ready to fly and discover all that it could SEE but not TOUCH...Time to feather my own NEST...

Love, Jennie

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Great Bauble SWAP! Play with ME!

Hi you! It's me. I am planning something super fun and I'll tell you about it tomorrow! I have been one busy chick! I have now finished 8 art dolls since December 20th. This is an amazing .... monumental accomplishment taking into consideration how fuzzy life has been lately. I am taking a small tiny little break and this is a new little projectus of greatness! So I can't wait! .... The fun news is this... I am hosting a swap right here at Prim Pumpkin! It is called The GrEAt Bauble Swap. I am thinking about 10 people woulbe be a good # for the swap(leave me a comment here or email me

How To play:
You gather up some wonderful baubles... The amount will be the number of people we have playing (10 would be the max)!!! This can be ribbons, fanciful buttons, fabric swatches, millinery adornments, handmade bits, pieces that are scrap, but just too darn cool to toss... email me if you have questions...

Just pick out some very wonderful little baubles you would like to swap. Mail them to me and I will separate all of the baubles ... making sure you receive fresh baubles... different than what you sent.
Feel free to post this on your blog! It will be fun and I am happy to be the hostess.

Deadline for your commitment to play is Monday, February 19th( I extended it to gain a few people) at 5pm (or as soon as the 10 spots fill up) Last time I did this, it was a day or two and all spots were taken! So this deadline is only for you to say you want to swap. Deadline for you to mail your BauBles is March 5th. I'll take a week to put it all together and ship everything to its respective destinations. I will send you an email confirmation letting you know you are IN The Great bauble SWAP and where to send things! International Swappers welcome!

Me at the Gallery! Cheers and happy bauble hunting!

Lots of love,

Monday, February 8, 2010

Time to love

I love February. It's a perfect month to LOVE with all your might... swim in it. Enjoy the color PINK and Tell your people you love them. I am such a hopeless romantic, and I really believe in love. so get down on one knee and love...

please hold in your thoughts something you love today.
I love being in spirit (inspired), spending time with Bry, passion, coffee, coffee with someone else, color, a song that awakens my heart, a love that encourages wing spreading...


Sunday, February 7, 2010


It's Sunday. I am getting ready to go to the Center and give some love. This week has tapped me out energetically! I am totally taking Monday as a recharge-creative day!

Send some happy positive thoughts my way to help with my reboot! Cheers to you!

Love to you,

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Art Center Exhibit and Show

What we are working on at the Gallery!

The exhibit is A David Small World. I love Children's book as you know... so this exhibit is very cool for me! David Small is a Michigan illustrator/Author. His work is so soft and nostalgic feeling! For me kind of like Hilary Knight, the illustrator of ELOISE. The opening of the show is Sunday from 2-4:00pm at the Art Center of Battle Creek. During this time (Sunday 2-4) we will also have The heART of Books : an Artist Trunk show featuring:
Teresa Winton-Author
Amanda Andrews-Author
Chad Lampert-Author/illustrator
Marty Levey- book binding
Angela Hoffman-Altered books
Sue Trowbridge-Author /Illustrator
Jan Dempsey- hand painted journals
This is David Small's bio:
David Small was born and raised in Detroit. In school he became known as “the kid who could draw good,” but David never considered a career in art because it was so easy for him. At 21, after many years of writing plays, David took the advice of a friend who informed him that the doodles he made on the telephone pad were better than anything he had ever written. He switched his major to Art and never looked back. After getting his MFA at the Yale Graduate School of Art, David taught art for many years on the college level, ran a film series and made satirical sketches for campus newspapers. Approaching tenure, he wrote and illustrated a picture book, “Eulalie and the Hopping Head”, which he took to New York, pounding the pavements and collecting rejections for a month in the dead of winter. “Eulalie” was published in 1981. Although tenure at the college did not follow, many more picture books did, as well as extensive work for national magazines and newspapers. His drawings appeared regularly in The New Yorker and The New York Times. A learn-as-you-go illustrator, David’s books have been translated into several languages, made into animated films and musicals, and have won many of the top awards accorded to illustration, including the 1997 Caldecott Honor and The Christopher Medal for “The Gardener” written by his wife, Sarah Stewart, and the 2001 Caldecott Medal for “So, You Want To Be President?” by Judith St. George. “At the Caldecott ceremony in San Francisco,” said David, “facing that veritable sea of smiling faces — of librarians, of friends in publishing, of my family and other well-wishers— I was so overcome that I lost my voice and croaked my way through the speech. Having been turned from a frog into a prince by the American Library Association, before their eyes that night, I turned back into a frog.” To date he has illustrated over 40 picture books. At an average of 40 pages per book, that makes around 1,840 illustrations, though someone ought to check that math. Currently David is working on a graphic memoir about his problematic youth.
David Small and Sarah Stewart make their home in an 1833 manor house on a bend of the St. Joseph River in southwest Michigan. David’s studio is an 1890 farmhouse also overlooking the river, just a short walk from home.

Hope you can make it!