Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Wonder of it all...

You know... my Grandma was such a wise person, and this I am sure comes with age and struggle and living through having been blessed with 5 children. She always said "Don't ever let the process of learning get in way of making magic" and this is essentially what happens to us all as we grow up. The magic fades and we wear uneventful clothing and shoes we go to work and we forget that "thing" we wanted so badly as a child.
I hit a point in my life when I wanted to leave the pink cupcake life I had created and be more grown up. I had went to college had a good job and I felt as though I NEEDED to act a certain way. I had lost sight of what I really wanted. The learning had gotten in the way of the Magic.... and my son was given to me at the exact appropriate time, so we could discover together...

To hold fast to this childlike essence about one's self is holding a bit of true magic ....for a moment longer. Creating dolls that are a little different, a little bit more personal is holding on the that magic for me.
I think about holding on the magic more these days because I am sharing important moments with my son. His expressions as he looks upon a Christmas tree filled with lights is true and real and filled with wonder.
As I create, I hope I am always able to keep the child-like wonder evident in my dolls. I think I will always delight in well placed micca, a bowl of bright buttons and fabric. I will always think that Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks should be together, that clean and studio do not fit in the same sentence, and snow angels are a must. So thank you for looking at my new work and appreciating the Wonder of it all.

I wish real wonder for you this Holiday!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Dear Friends,

I want to share with you a bit of Santa. My favorite Christmas movie is "It's a Wonderful Life" I do like Christmas, but my heart still resides at the 31st of October... on Halloween St.. Tucked someplace safe in all of my love for Halloween lives an envelope... filled with the Spirit of Christmas...

This Santa is my first Christmas Creation for 2009. This Sweet Santa started out as a Gnome... But as you well know a creation such as this can take on it's own spark of personality and become exactly WHO they want to be!! I re-fashioned my Halloween costume circa 2009 (I went happily as a Gnome) into his merry little red hat. His head is sculpted and his body is stitched. His outfit is completely stitched and adorned with an old faux trim piece. He stands on a wooden base.

The most enchanting part of this doll is his ornamentation. He carries an Old World basket filled with twisted and contorted sticks plucked right from nature. From the sticks you will see hand blown glass bits of Christmas Spirit created especially for this Santa by my friend Joe Takens, of Bellissimo Studios.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Debra Schoch

A belated thank you to the talented and very generous Debra Schoch of Hop Hop Jingle Boo!

I won her giveaway on her blog last month!!! Lucky lucky ducky I am. She enclosed the most wonderful array of Halloween treats! IT really made my Season! Thank you Debra for being so generous!!! I have several other pieces for the veggie man to play with!
Visit Debra here

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Re-purposing something again.....

Things around Prim Pumpkin land have been pretty busy, but busy is great! I have been creating Art Dolls for the annual artist market in Battle Creek, MI click here for more info. This little man above, is one of my new pieces to share with you. He wears a top hat, which I created out of muslin and fiber board. His coat and happy little bow tie were salvaged from a piece of quilt work. The quilt work was entirely made of silks and satins. I used the entire quilt to cover the check-out counter at my shop. Grandma and I walked in the shop building for the first time and I just had this fabulous feeling that this would made her dreams come true. The counter was already there it all of it's glory! The building had been a carpenters union hall and I suppose the counter served as a place for elected carpenter officials to vote on important subjects like wood and things of that nature...

I always disliked the counter and this quilt with all of it's silks and satins gave it the magic that I was dreaming of. The silks and satins were probably that of opulent social or mourning dresses of the time. I guess the idea of up-cycling something is not that of my generation, but an idea that is born out of necessity. Or maybe the time.

This fabulous old quilt saw each sale we made as it covered that ugly old counter and made it something special... something more than it was. The quilt is now showing signs once again, that it's purpose is to give life to something forgotten, or in need of a bit a beauty. I am happy to share bits of it with you...

The re-purposing of this quilt paralled one thing I have been thinking about. Art in some shape or form is the quilt on life, softening us, exposing out beauty and adding something to what's already there.

As my little Bryer cub grows so big and loving, I want him to know and bathe in the freedom of art. He is my most amazing baby cub muse.

This week I was so worried about Bryer and the terrible two's. I realized today that it's so simple. My Job is to enjoy him and create art. He will see a happy mommie and children will mimic what they see...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Art Walk...

Hey! I know it's a little late... but better late than NEVER! I want to share some pictures of "Fall into the Arts" an artistic walk through cereal city -Battle Creek , MI! My art dolls were displayed at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. It was a smashing good time. I set up my display and included a work area at the end of my table. This was nice potentially, because at slow times I could paint. I say potentially, because there was not a "slow" time. 900 people walked through the area where I was set up! I think I literally spoke to 900 people! I could hardly speak the next day.
This is my friend Emily Wohlscheid- she was my next door neighbor at the event! What a pure joy she is! Stop by her shop and take a peeky.

This is a palette I always use, I think of it as a work of art all by itself! This is Frank- a former WIP.

This is my table. Just wanted you to see what I am up to!
I am so bummed today! I am bummed that Halloween is over. I didn't have time to get all of my decor out this year! This is my best time of year and I feel a bit of sadness that social acceptable-ness tells us that it's time to retire the black/orange and white. I am going to try really hard to incorporate it into my all year decor... I do get some resistance to this though : )... I hope all of your Halloween dreams were happy.
Spidery kisses, Jennie