Friday, October 23, 2009

Original Art Dolls for Sale!

*****Thanks to everyone who visited my blog sale! I am closing it for the evening... Please, as always, email me if you have any questions about anything! thank you and goodnight!
Welcome to my Blog Sale!

First of all I want to thank you for stopping by and I thank you for all of the kind comments about my work! How to buy: If you would like to add any of these pieces to your collection just email me. If you live close, we can arrange a pick up. If I have to mail your doll I will add 7.00 for shipping. It's as easy as pumpkin pie!

All of my dolls are one of a kind. They are handmade without the use of molds. rest assured your doll is signed and will come with a certificate of authenticity. See a Prim Pumpkin doll in the latest Art Doll Quarterly magazine.

Pouty Pumpkin with Pie

Would you just look at her pouty lip! She went to the trouble of baking a pie and this happy little Bird landed right in it! and to top it off he has a top hat on!

The pie and bird are positionable and removable. The top hatted bird in the pie is not photographing well, sorry!

She is a tall lady at 21 inches. She has very pretty puffy sleeves and a matching apron. She stands on a small chunk of wood. You will not be disappointed with her!


email me at if you would like her. I will add 7.00 for shipping.

Kettle Witch

This is the tea kettle witch, she is proud to say she was in charge of the Halloween party hosted last week! She sits inside of a vintage tea kettle. Her arms are an odd funny shape, but they are so cool! her hair is very interesting as well. I hand twisted each strand from multi colored hand dyed locks. Her body is animal print and her hat is handmade as well!


Puppet Pumpkin

This little pumpkin guy is so fun! He is a cone puppet. The one for sale toady has the horizontal stripe top with the funky blue cone! He sports a little grin and his ruff is trimmed in fine German glitter glass. The other two puppets will be offered at the Art Center of Battle Creek.

He is 21 inches tall from the tip of his stem to the bottom of his stick. If you would like him email me at


Batty Pumpkin

This is one batty pumpkin, but I love her all the same! She loves hats and this one is her favorite. She has a hand painted bodice and a warm buttery yellow jacket. Her two buck teeth are adorable! She has a black skirt and bat wings stitched beneath her arms. This is one of my favorite pieces! She stands 21 inches tall.

she is $ 75.00, if you would like her please email me at:

I will add 7.00 for shipping.

Pumpkin Lady

This is one sweet pumpkin lady! She would be delighted with a new home! She is standing on a piece of log, which she has claimed as her very own. She is wearing vintage linen. I hand dyed and hand stitched it to primitive perfection. She is 19 inches tall.

This is a better picture of her great color! Her arms are stitched to bend and are LOOONg!

if you are interested in her please email me at she is


and shipping will be 7.00.


Meet Frank.... Frank is hand sculpted with a hand stitched body and clothing. He measures 13 inches tall. He has kind eyes and a happy disposition , for a guy all pieced together!
See more pictures of him in my last posting!

This is Frank's backside, just so you can see the crazy mad scientist Dr.'s stitch work!
If you would like Frank

$65.00 email me at:

If you are local, we can arrange pick up. If I need to ship him to you, I will PayPal invoice you and 7.00 will be added for shipping. Thank you for collecting my art dolls!

Once again thank you!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Frank is alive!

My own artistic depiction of Frankenstein is alive in the studio! He's alivEEEEE!

Old rusty bolts and metallic junk stuffs filled my cauldron as I churned a masterful brew! I added well thoughts and tiny bits of fairy cloak for the magical properties! I found it at the Fairy Goodwill, more commonly referred to as “Toadwill.” As I churned my brew an aroma of cupcake frosting filled the room! I was keenly aware that the creation I had been working on was rousing to the aroma. He stood up and uttered his first words “CUP CAKE” we have been fast friend since that day!

Frank was a blast to work on! I fell in love with his kind expressions. If you are interested in adding Frank to your collection of fine Folk Art, he will be available during my first blog sale 10/24/09 at 8am

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is my very first go at this type of a sale and I think it will be so fun! Please stop by Saturday Morning 10/24/09. I will post the sale at 8:00am!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Blog Party!

Welcome to the Prim Pumpkin Halloween blog Party 2009! Vanessa Valencia from Fanciful Twist announced another amazing blog party and I could not miss it. Visit A Fanciful Twist for more Halloween party sites! Have fun and be safe!
As I prepared last night I went out the see the moon and found a glowing pumpkin. I am guessing one of two things happened... the first is this: it fell from a hag's broom as she flew overhead OR... and I like this one better: The hag of the land heard about our Merry splendor and blessed my studio with all of the magic it could possibly handle! This was probably a gift....

A glowing gift from the keeper of Halloween spirit!

At the studio door you are greeted by Mab's... she wears a welcome ribbon ... welcoming you into our Halloween party. To enter you must right at this moment, blow a fairy a kiss!!!!

Well, did you do it? You must have or you would not have made it this far! This is a Fairy, pleased a a plum to be wearing a hat fit for a cat!

A close up of her face , BUT don't look directly into her eyes as you will fall under the Mocha spell. You will crave a mocha at least twice per day and only Starbucks will do.

The Teapot is ready with a band of merry goers set atop. The Tea kettle Hag prepared her special brew of green bubbling slime and hot slime goo. Although it takes on a curious color, her tea is over the moon.

This is the side of my enchanted pumpkin pram.
My creations of Halloween merriment love to race in it!

Batty Pumpkin is ready for the party! She danced and floated around the flame and chanted a lovey ditty to start the party.

A happy Mister he was indeed!

And even though Frank still lays on the table, he wouldn't miss it for the world. I had to keep a close eye on Miss Spider, she would inch over and tickle him!

Stilted pumpkins stole the show and looked beautiful as they pearched.

Oh, Miss spider had just taken a bite! She hates it when I take a picture of her eating!

Mona hangs on my studio wall, but she did not want to be left out! I crafted her a mask and she still had that stoic look about her- you just can't make some people happy!

One Ghostly pumpkin standing tall to get the birdseye view.

This headless beauty rides in the pram.

The puppets stand in an old amber jar

My Halloween guests all love a buffet of glitter and buttons- so that's what the dined on! Can you spot the tiny plate and silverware?

This tiny cherry cake was pushed aside as the buttons were gobbled up!

A tiny tray holds it's treasure of a spot of Fairy dust.

Never yell help yourself to a buch of Ghouls!

Party goers!

Good thing I was supplied with glitter and buttons to feed them all!

The ladies have left buttons at his feet!

This is the Kettle Hag!

Magical blown glass orbs with spirals.

Peeking in before I entered the studio, I saw a black tead pot high in the air ...

A magical time was had by all and the party is still going on! May the spirit of Halloween live in your heart!