Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Don't you just LOVE play things...?

Hi, hope your week is going well! Mine, well thank you for asking.... I am doing OK, my week is clicking right along. I wanted to invited you into my pumpkin world for a moment. This guy elicits wild giggles where ever he travels.. which is not far since he lacks legs right now. His moustache is inspired by none other than Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria! You see, Franz Ferdinand was so desperately in love with his Sophie but they couldn't marry because she did not have the desired pedigree. In order to be considered for marriage your family had to be one of the reigning or formerly reigning dynasties of Europe. Sophie and Ferdinand kept their love secret for a long time. Finally, in 1899, the Emperor Franz Joseph agreed to permit Franz Ferdinand to marry Sophie, on condition that the marriage would be morganatic. So Franz Ferdinand, had this wonderful moustache and it inspired me to adorn my Pumpkin man with one! He is so suave looking, quite the hound dog.

As he sits on the table, looking his sweet sly look I say " Hey Mambo" and it's not like me to break into song!

This is my creation explosion at the moment! I love to see other artists place of magic and this is where I do much of my creating. It's centrally located between my living room and kitchen! I do have a studio, and soon you will see the magic!

He is new to the Rouge Pumpkin Patrol, but he is getting along just fine! I am doing a show on Halloween and I am trying to amass a menagerie! I have ornaments, puppets and of course pumpkin dolls! Don't you just love play things!

ttfn, Jennie

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

To Gnome him...

To Gnome him is to love him! My sweet little boy is going to be a gnome for halloween and I am suiting him up early in hopes that he will WANT to waer this adorable creation! If you are in the market for something adorable PLeaSE visit the Uniquery, a wonderful shop on ETSY! She is Fast and the quality is great! Oh I can't wait for TRICK or TREAT!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Collections - my BLUE pumpkin and other things!

I just wanted to give you a peek into my home! We took our carpet up to reveal a wonderful rustic hardwood floor. It is complete with creeks and croaks and squeaks when you float across! Can you tell I love it?! Above is a picture of our alcove area. and if you look close you will see a blue pumpkin set atop a fluff of whimsical pillows!
This is my pumpkin cupboard. The bottom shelf hold hand blown glass pumpkins from Kalamazoo Mi. artists.

This is my favorite kind of pumpkin it's called a "Cinderella" pumpkin, I think because at any moment it could be filled with a wave of glitter and turn into a pumpkin coach.

I have been working on the cupboard for sometime. I painted it brown and wood grained the front. I like the looks of it.

My blue Pumpkin with the pillows! Enjoy... I have been creating new dolls- I'll show you soon!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I love this

Monday, September 14, 2009

Madison Green Art Faire

I made some really great contacts at the show. I gave out a ton of business cards – seriously, like 150. I took the merry band of pumpkin folk numbering 20 and their kin and came home with 4. It was a great show.
The weather really smiled on us both Saturday and Sunday! It was cool in the morning for set up and by mid day it was about 70-80 degrees. My sweet niece Haylea helped me both days and boy did we create random silliness. It’s funny because I am constantly reminded that she is growing up so fast. She wants to be so independent. She will be a teen next year and I want to spend as much as I can with her before I am not cool anymore!

This is a brand new Prim Pumpkin. She is inspired by Coraline - the movie and has a happy new home.

I am showing you some pictures of my Pumpkin Pram that serves as a wickedly whimsical prop for shows as well as a fixture in my studio. I sculpted 3 pumpkins on the side of it!

A close up of the Pumpkin girls!
Love, Jennie

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Madison Green Art Faire

How Wonderful!

Welcome my 60th post! Thank you for visiting, and for reading my random creativeness. This post finds me smack dab in the middle of prepping for a large show in Marshall, MI called Madison Green Art Faire. I have to stitch a table covering and figure out HOW to use the banner I bought in my booth. I will be taking 20 Merry Halloween dolls with me, but I do need some human help and interaction as well, so my niece Haylea will be helping me! YAY!
I am giving you some looks at the Dolls that I am packing and the Skellie is new, last week! She is a Day of the Dead doll and is riding a bike! The back is filled with tiny breads and a pumpkin.

She is a new Pumpkin, a trick or treater. She is wearing a witch hat, a tiny one, to draw attention to her big pumpkin head! I am happy with the progression my skellies and Pumpkins are taking... I hope you are as well!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I will be part of this magical event, please mark your date book!

Day of the Dead

I found this wonderful gem of a fabric store called Sew Unique Threads here in Battle Creek and I love it. I bought Coraline buttons and fabric that is so wonderful you just want to eat it up!
This is a Day of the Dead doll. I hand sculpted a burnt red rose for her head. Lovin it!