Monday, August 31, 2009

Pumpkins gone wild...

I had a few days off... paint and glitter swirled into a tornado of creative swirly-ness and crashed down directly on my dining table. This is a peek of my art for the week. You can see one of the two Day of the Dead dolls I am working on.
Where does one go in MI when you have a day or so... well the lake of course! We tripped over to Southaven, MI where delight was around every corner.

This is a spoon covered in gourmet chocolate!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Siamese Pumpkin Pollination LOVE

Well friends, my toes are out of the hammock, out of the sand and into the muck of creating ! They actually have been, all last week .... thank you to the "NEW" followers of Prim Pumpkin, I appreciate your interest in my creative journey.

I worked all week on a lovely little doll, sort of a phenomenon if you will. Let me preface by saying, once in a strange moon, crazy acts of pollination happen in the pumpkin patch and this particular time, Polly and Nate (get it... Polly-Nate) emerged. They are Siamese twins

Polly and Nate run a haunted hat shop specializing in pointy be-glittered all occasion witch hats!

Enjoy this piece, it will be available at my show in September!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Toes in the water.....

Just a swingin in the hammock! A medium rare look into a moment of just hanging around! Have you listened to the Zac Brown Band CD? A few of the songs are very Jimmy Buffett. I like it A lot! Oh... My toes (attached to my trollish feet) are painted chocolate chutney by OPI.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The newest pumpkin in the patch

Meet my finished Prim Pumpkin! I am so in love with her! I thought you would get a kick out of seeing her because you have been following her work in progress pictures. I crafted her dress of vintage worn tablecloth fabric. As you can see, it is in shades and brown and orange complemented by white. I have had these wonderful old cloths for years -at least 10- and I am as happy as a peach to use them. Don't you love the way her features came out?! I do.

She loves to play in the garden and it took some doing to get her off of the giant wheel in the garden!

Here she is being good! I am sculpting a small garland of bittersweet on many of my new dolls! If you look very close you can see it on the sides of her pumpkin head.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Prim Pumpkin

My Newest Prim Pumpkin! This pumpkin is a work in progress. I always have multiple little beings coming to life in the studio. This one is really taking shape and tickling me pink because of her expression! She NOW has eyes, don't worry! In this pre-eye picture, I couldn't help but to giggle at her, she was spooky! Lets see, ..... I am still working on that Pram I told you about. I'll take some more pictures of he tonight and share later!

Quiet Moment

I rest in the quiet moment of time which are brief and forgiving. Life is always a patchwork of old and new, of things that work and things that didn't. And so today I work on the quilt of my life, filling it with the things that made Jennie , Jennie. In this quiet moment I am wondering what you do when you put your quilt down for a minute. What recharges you?