Friday, July 31, 2009


This, my friends, is a completed Coffee Kettle Witch. The Kettle was pulled from a pile of metal. It was my Grandma's, after being past its usefullness, it was tossed into a scrap pile only to be re-discovered and loved once again.

Her features are sharp and harsh, that of a woman who has lived this portion of her life in a Kettle.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some tips on selling at art fairs!

We as artist are at many levels of execution in our art. This grouping of information is meant to inspire, capture, and move you to the next level.

Once you have a worthwhile product and you want to get it out there. You have to find your target market. This is the group of people who will be lining up to buy your work.
When you introduce yourself to potential clients/ people who are curious about your work the whole idea is to leave them wanting more. Presentation is key. It is important to realize what an impact your business cards can make. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have whatever you can professionally printed.

What vehicles are you driving? You ultimately drive your art. What are you doing to push it along? I have found that implementing a web presence is a must. When you do art fairs or exhibit in a gallery it’s a good tool to have for your followers to contact you. An artist’s web page should exemplify her work, contain a bio, List and link place you current sell your work, a list of upcoming shows, an in the news page with any press you have received, and really good photos of your work. This may sound like a lot of work, but the wonderful thing is you are taking action and powering your work forward.

So, at this point you have marketable art, great business cards and a website/page blog some kind of online presence. Now, rev up your engine! You have a stack of business cards; take them with you as you go out into the public. As you talk to like-minded people, pass them out. You can be discerning. Your target market is most likely not a bulletin board at the grocery store. Zone in on that target market and go for it.

Places to try:
Galleries Juried event such as fairs or themed events.
Art centers coffee shops
Connecting with your market can be easily done by selecting shows and art fairs that fit with your product. When you are exhibiting at a show – be upbeat, happy to be there, Have a place where people can sign up to be on your mailing list. – By building a list you are gathering followers- a group of people who are saying “I want to pay attention to your work”. Capture these addresses and try to mail them twice per year. You can let them know what shows you will be in for the year. The key to moving your art forward is to spend your energy as wisely as you can.

Art Fairs

Art Fairs and craft shows have recently experienced a resurgence. Shoppers love to buy handmade, and why not indulge them? I personally know so many people who have taken the handmade pledge via ETSY and expanded it to encompass supporting any local art! When considering an art fair ask the coordinator these key questions:

How many years has this show been in existence?

How will the coordinator promote the event?

What is the average attendance?

How many booths spots are available?

Is there an ATM nearby?

Do I need a canopy?

Can I choose my booth spot?

Is electricity available?

Is the show juried?

Approaching galleries and shops
Select a few shops or galleries you would like to see your art in. Shoot for the moon! All small shops want items that are very unique. Don’t over saturate your market. Choose the best shops and galleries for your art and then move forward.
The cold call… Don’t do it. The best way to make contact is to visit the shop see if it hits your target market. Call back and ask for the buyer- Introduce yourself and represent your art. Make an appointment with the owner or buyer to see your art. The worst thing to do is just show up with your collection in hand.
After seeing your wares, don’t feel bad if the owner wants to think about it or in the case of a gallery, your items may have to go through a jury process.
If the owner does not have the money to invest in your line, consider consigning your items.

Thank you! I have a lot more information bits coming soon! Don't fret if you no longer see this info here, it's at the very bottom of my blog as well for safe keeping!


She is all done. I feel after completing this Prim Pumpkin, she may be in need of a hat of sorts, maybe a crown or a witch hat?? Maybe. She wanted so badly to venture into the garden, so I happily obliged and we set off! She felt a kinship with the earth spirits and her smile grew ever so slight... but I saw...

This Prim Pumpkin stands a whopping 19 inches tall. The new thing I really like about this one is the dicro button, which in the very beginning was only supposed to be a means of closing her coat, but my wee boy looked at it and said "Heart?" and that sent my internal muse a-glitter! This Prim Pumpkin has her heart on the outside.
XoXo Jennie

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Work in Progress

Sometimes a piece needs to breathe for awhile before it comes into fruition. I created the head to this doll a month or so ago. It sat in the studio with some breathing time before the glitter fairy twinkled her wand. Inspiration soup is the main course for the day I guess because this Prim Pumpkin person has a body legs and is standing in the upright position. Last night as my little guy watched Coraline ...again... I made her arms and shoes and finished her coat. I so wanted her to be a him, but she wanted to be a she. I used a bright fabric to create her body and the same piece to make her coat. When I was drawing out her body this swooping tail took shape and it became part of her. I like it a lot and NOW I wish I would have made a copy of that pattern.

I wonder if the coffee witch I am currently working on summoned the presence of this pumpkin person for company. I will be sure to sit them together, just in case.
XoXo Jennie

Monday, July 27, 2009

Goulish things and studio delightments

SHHHHH... Don't tell anyone, but I had last week off from work! YIPPY!!! This is a little snippet of what has been happening over here in Prim Pumpkin land!

I had major plans of grand consequence and huge motivation, but alas, Life intervened and all was lost, not all, but the boring stuff! I cleaned out 2 small storage units, I will in result never have to buy fabric again. Unless of course it is simply amazing! I have a family of squirrels living in one outdoor storage area, this while terribly convenient for the squirrels, was not great for me.
After cleaning that mess up, on to the next. I loved spending time with my wee little guy. We watched Coraline a few times and he loves it! I am glad because I like it too. I am looking for a new book to dig into. This time it has to be a good fun read, not a road to enlightenment!
I have two dolls almost finished! You can see in progress pictures of my coffee witch above.
talk to you soon.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

ADQ Magazine!

This week finds me with a WORKING sewing machine... which is a wonderful feeling. Sound the horns and fuel the excitement.... The problem with my machine, which was my Grandma's, I have been threading it wrong the whole time. Now, I have properly documented the correct way to thread it and off I go, the machine cuts through the fabric like a knife through hot butter! and the sound... It no longer resembles me singing great big gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts to my wee boy! It sound like a fast race car... or something fast that sounds good. there is a lot to be said for having a manual for a machine. I am going to do some looking on ebay to see if I can locate one!

Fond glittery wishes and happy thoughts to all of the wonderful creators of Halloween merriment mentioned in the almost current issue of Art Doll Quarterly! This Officially was my first trick or treat gift of the year. These artists embody the spirit of magic and the joy of childhood happiness. I have listed below some of my favorites. Be sure to check out my art doll on page 112.
Please Check out some wonderful doll makers who continue to inspire!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Brewing up some DOLLS!

New from Prim Pumpkin! Boy oh boy OH boy have I been Busy: ) This Prim ballet pumpkin is stuck in her " look what I can do" pose.

Two count 'em two dolls this past week~! We have my upcycled Witch-a-ma-Pumpkin. She is sly and wise at the same time. The studio is happily buzzing with idle chatter. I have the new Zac Brown disc going in the background, my favorite track is TOES! My niece has a imaginary store set up in my sewing area with a working cash register, she is beep- beep- beeping away. My little guy us playing with his mighty trucks on the floor and I am bouncing from place to place from paint to fabric to pram. I found the coolest Pram at a sale a couple of weeks ago and I am pumpkining it up, I will use it at my show coming up in Sept.

This weekend was so busy with the holiday thrown in the mix and all. I usually have NCIS on for background noise when I create, but this weekend that station had movies on, so I found clean house! What fun that was. It has really made me stand back and say what do I need, what exemplifies my style now and how do I get there. We are in serious need of bedroom furniture. Currently, we are sporting the Early American Salvation Army look which is now not working for me! He had his Formica looking stuff from a previous uhhhhh...... life and I have a 40's style dresser. In watching how easy it is to achieve the look of beautiful yet simple.. I am doing it.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Cutie Pants

Don't you just love these little pants? I do! They are made from Alexander Henry fabric!
We told him "no" He is going to sneek.....

HOw can one say "no" to that face!?

My little guy was exploring at Mom's yesterday! He loves things that sparkle or shimmer! He is part gypsy, I am sure...

He just wants to touch everything! What a joy he is. Happy July Fourth from Prim Pumpkin and Sprout!

Tall Drink Of Water

A tall drink of water pumpkin lady emerged from the studio this week. She is very nervous about her debut as she is the first without some elaborate form of dress. Essentially she is in her underpinnings! But just as those sly tailors convinced the Emperor that he was wearing a most gorgeous garment, Miss Slim was blanketed with comments about her loveliness which took the edge off about her clothing or lack thereof!

Magikal Seasons Thank You!

The package was a pure delight to my day! The mailman willingly relinquished the small yellow envelope, he carries a bag of mail from place to place and you can tell that he is less than happy to tote packages, but the Bain of his existence is the very happy spot in my day. When the happy spot revealed bubble wrap the day got better and then a pumpkin man emerged... He kindly thanked me for removing him from the package and promptly straightened his orange pumpkin suit! He was gifted to me by the wonderful Becca from Magikal Seasons. If you have not looked at her art please do! This piece was a Giveaway! Thank you Becca!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Show off your creative spot!

I have news! This is very exciting and wondrous! If you are in need of a creative inspiration fill up- as we all need from time to time- Please visit me on July 24Th for a blog party. I am part of a large group of artists inviting each other into our inner sanctuaries. You will be getting a sneaky peek into all I have in store for my favorite time of year... HALLOWEEN! The Pumpkins will have their best awful grins on and the studio will smell of pumpkin pie!
So if you are feeling a bit studio voyeuristic mark it on your calender!