Thursday, June 25, 2009

Headless Hilda

And from the garden I am constantly given new perspective. This new creation is Hilda the Headless. She sits atop a black horse- sidesaddle while holding her head! A new addition for prim Pumpkin!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

At the moment, Prim Pumpkin Studio is overflowing with works at all levels of completion! This is weird for me because up until now I have created a piece from start to finish and then waited for a fill of inspiration to begin the next. This is Pumpkin head Pete. He looks kind of grouchy, old and all around mischievous. He is about 10 inches around, which is large scale for me! I just wanted to share something new and let you know that as the HEAT threatens to melt all in it's path, I am in the studio... Clicking along!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's happening in my Studio...

I Promised some pictures from inside my pumpkin cave, so here you go! I have been working on some ornaments-(spooky ones!) as well as several larger dolls. I am very inspired by junk and the idea of up-cycling things so, you are sure to see that sprinkled throughout my work. I was raised near a salvage yard. My Grandma and Grandpa opened it in the 40's. It was normal to see unclaimed tires turned into wonderful flower pots and car hoods transformed into sleds. In the evenings, my Grandaddy and I would get our 5 gallon pails and walk around collecting copper wire and pieces of metal that had fallen to the ground. I have recently collected some very cool, old abandoned pieces of scrap to add to my creations.

This is Elizabeth Bennet, the heroine of one of my favorite books, Pride and Prejudice. She is
holding her gown in her arms so you can better see her perch... a petite table chandelier fit for Mr. Darcy's estate. Elizabeth Bennet is one of five unmarried daughters living in the country during 19th century England where getting married, is a ladies sole occupation. Elizabeth is determined to wed for love and Mr. Darcy gives her a run for her money! Mr. Darcy will soon join Ms. Bennet, but like all men, he is keeping her waiting.... I collect many things in my studio! I found this cool shoe holder that is very nice for housing my stuff while still keeping it at hands reach!

This is a piece of my studio! This is where the Prim Pumpkin magic happens! Ms. Mona is the turbaned lady who watches over the place. I hope you have enjoyed this little peek into the studio!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

when you wander you mostly find things

Fantastical beings are floating around in this head of mine, beckoning to be created! I told you last week ... I have 3 dolls on the fence at the moment waiting oh so patiently for me to make them clothing, BUT one must be inspired for such wonderment and I have not been, so no clothing...
I have to tell you about a very cool book. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. My little one and I ventured into a shop a couple of weeks ago and the shop owner and I began a conversation about books, kids and the like and before we left she gave my son, Bryer, this book. Now he is just a wee one and still does not have that kind of attention span but, I, however was delighted to read it! This story is about opening your heart to love and the journey it sometimes takes to get there, and then recognizing what it looks like when you are there. I had this conversation with my Mom the other day about children's books and how they speak or say something very different to children of different experiences and ages. Please read this book, even if you just go to Barnes and Noble and read it over coffee, your life will be enriched simply by sharing the story of this china rabbit. Let me know what you think about it after reading! Click here to go to the Edward Tulane website.

So, More to come this week I promise. I really Want to show you pictures of my dolls!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Hydrangeas will Always Bloom

This is the painting I've been working on. Hydrangeas are my favorite and I love to paint lush masses of them! I super textured this painting and I have to tell you, the depth is amazing.
I scoured my baubles, beads and found objects for special items to add to this painting.
Side NOte: I have soooo many Baubles that in the near future I am putting together a bauble swap. More to come on that.
I was so happy to find an old letter from 1928- I found it in a huge packet of old letters at an estate sale. The script is so beautiful. The top of the letter was torn so I added it and Wow --o-- Wow did that make a difference!

This is a close up of the texture.


I really like the colors and how they flow together. This is going to POP on someones wall. I am working on a doll at the moment as well. She will likely make her grand debut this week at some point. Thank you for looking!