Saturday, May 30, 2009

As I send my Giveaway doll, Edgar, off to his new caretaker, I am starting to churn new ideas and creative processes for the next two Merry Halloween dolls! I do need a little recharge in between so the next few days will see me in front of my canvas -brush filled with paint and mind pouring out the absorption of art.

Here is a question for you.... as an artist what do you think is the most beneficial thing to do to get your art out there? I am wondering if there is a way to get your work noticed without doing eBay. Just picking your brains! Brain picking is very good for those of us in the Halloween field. : )

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And Edgar goes to......


THANK YOU to all of you who left a comment for Edgar!

The winner is: Melissa The Holiday Queen

email me @ with your shipping info!

We gathered close to have a TEA PARTy in celebration of the Give Away! Dolls packed their wee suitcases and came from far and wide to take tea with us. Some are mine and some are from my collection. Two of them are from doll artist Joyce Stahl, I treasure her creations!

My hydrangea wanted to be a part of the event, so I let her wear a hat from my collection. What an enchanting day!

Last day For give away, Comment away!

I will announce tonight (About 8:00 pm) the winner of my Edgar doll, You can still get in the hat- not literally, just leave a comment with your email after the Edgar post!

I am working on a fairy garden! I have lots of fairies but I have never built a garden for them! I have conceptualized the whole thing! Now it's words into action! I'll let you know how it is progressing and what magic is glittering down onto my hand picked spot! It will be complete with a house and all!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Only one day to get your name in for the Poe give away! Come on bloggers!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Edgar is here!

Peeking throught the tall grasses is a fun , yet spookey gentleman named POE. This is the Prim Pumpkin version of Edgar Allen Poe. He is 22 inches tall and features a heart on his chest. The cool part about this is that its a Give Away! Just leave your comment below with your name and your email-or a way to contact you!

Leave your comment now to be entered in this give away. The winner will be announced Wed. night. Edgar will arrive signed and with my authenticity card.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Creation from Prim Pumpkin

I am pleased, actually happy as a clam, to let you peek at my newest creation... This is my Wise Pumpkin Lady! She stands on a log to see all the way across the pumpkin patch. She knows everything that happens in her patch and many surrounding patches. Younger pumpkins come to her for advise on everything from Men to face cream!

Her outfit is made of hand dyed vintage fabric. I feel really funny just showing you what new and exciting thing I have created, but I know you appreciate my art! I think as artists it is SO important for us to ENCOURAGE , APPRECIATE, and GIVE LOVE to other artists work... O.K. ( Stepping off of the Soap BOx!)

She is adorned with painted stitches. Stitches are a stitch to paint!

This is her top view!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Wishing a Happy Mothers Day to you...
This is my Grandma. A dear friend wrote this for me shortly after my Grandma passed away.

"As babies, we see ourselves reflected in our Grandmothers' eyes, and we feel her love for us. As children, we see ourselves reflected in her eyes, and we know her pride in us. As we grow, we see ourselves reflected in her eyes, and we begin to understand her hopes for us. When we are grown, and our grandmother can no longer look into our eyes, we see her love, and her pride, and her hope, and her eyes reflected in our own, and we carry her with us in our hearts and our memories."

This is my Mom and my sweet niece. We will all be together later for lunch! Mom's are such a blessing!

Selling your Art to shops

What I know about selling your wares to fabulous shops.
When you are in a place of inspiration you create like mad. You create from your heart and in-spirit, that’s why your work is so fabulous and I know it can be daunting to want to share your bliss with the world, but not knowing how to begin, how to place your work in the RIGHT place. Let me give you a tiny background into my bliss. I am a shop girl at heart. For seven wonderful years, I have had the opportunity to operate a brick and mortar shop. I hand selected the gifts in my boutique with great care. I am also a creative; I paint, stitch, and create what is in my heart and mind. Now, I sell only online and I do a show or tow a year. So, to make a long story short, I have a bit of experience on both ends of the retail/wholesale spectrum. Now, this is just what has worked for me…. Take away from it what works for you.
A few years ago I was running the shop and as a creative outlet, I began painting signs on old trim wood. I added embellishments and words of inspiration and envisioned them hanging in people’s personal spaces. I shopped at great colorful lil bit of a shop in Southaven, MI. I told the shop owner who I am and what I do and that I had some signs to sell. She was eager to see them, which made the whole process even more fun and exciting. I packed my signs in a painted old laundry basket, I loved the presentation and it also gave the shop owner a display idea. The shop owner bought all of my signs and we established a great working relationship. So if you plan on selling to shop, go, look at it, see if the ambience of the shop matches with the look of your items. Be selective, after all you are putting your creations out there as tiny extensions of you.

As for pricing, I realize that as a shop owner you need to buy the items at a reasonable cost so that you can put your markup on a make a jingle for your pocket. Personally I did some figuring and came up with a number that I felt comfortable with. Usually the shop will try to double the cost, so if you sell your handmade pillow, for example, wholesale to a shop for $12. they really need to be able to sell it retail for $24. Shops will love the uniqueness of your items but realize that we now have a global market and your products must compete dollar-wise with what the shop owner can go to market and order. One way that will help you establish a “look” within the shop is to require a small minimum opening order. If you are selling handmade pillows, your opening order might be 10 pillows at $12. each. This will ensure that when the customer walks into the shop your items will POP! Some companies like to have a minimum re-order as well. This is up to you and what you are comfortable with.

Sometimes the shop owners will be very busy with the day to day operations. If you drop in and ask her about selling your wonderful product in her shop, she may be less than enthusiastic about a “cold call” you just have to use your gut feeling about the vibe of the shop owner, and if you think now may not be a great time…. have a business card or small artful brochure to leave. If you are selling handmade soap or beaded jewelry, leave a sample for the shop owner to try/experience. It may seem like a costly way to do business, but in the long run, you can chalk it up to advertising. This will say that you really stand behind your art. Most shops go to market in Jan. and July for major buying. Just something to keep in mind when approaching shops.

It’s so important to keep your creative inspiration up and to do what it takes to re-fill your creative spark.
Pictures featured in this post were from my little shop.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So Wicked!

The wickedness is taking over in my studio and I will be sending many new creations out into the world in the next week! This is a WICKED Step Sister! I created a Wicked Wig as well! Her wig boasts a green slimey snake- slithering in one end and out the other!
She has hand dyed clothing and a silk sash! CLICK HERE TO VISIT AUCTION

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lemon Love


As a first time Mom , I am learning and rediscoveing the simple- most pleasing things! We went to Panera the other day and the little one indulged in a LEMON! I joked that it was so expensive for our family to eat there that we made the kid eat the lemon!