Friday, February 27, 2009

Dear Friend,
If you were to have checked in on me during the past two weeks, you would have found me knee-deep in paint and to tired to care... I am keeping up with my goal of learning the camera and as you can see it is going well. We like each other!

My other swirl of "must-do" is my studio. I am bless to have one and now I am beautifying what I have! I am painting the walls, organizing and sorting, purging what I no longer need for this journey and relishing in seeing what I forgot I had. I am looking at new lighting and organization tips and tricks if you have any...

At the Art Center, we are very busy with exhibits and February is not the exception to that rule. We had an Artist Trunk Show two weeks ago, we opened the African American Mosaic exhibit, and last night we had our postcard salon. During all of the excitement, I was greeted by a knock at the door. RAP, RAP, RAP..... I opened it and was Delighted to see "Frightful Frank" and Art Doll created by Joyce Stahl. When I told him that I would take good care of him he gave me a frightful grin and hopped out of my arms and I gave chase. He likes to play you see, and I was the mark for his merry frolic! Below see his travels and take comfort in the warmth that he came back to me!
Talk to you soon!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Garden Thaw

If you listen very close you can hear the garden thawing... The yard is becoming restless with the cold winter and secretly welcomes the warmth! As I walked through the yard this morning I was greeted by silent offerings of the garden spirits. The layers of dirty show are disappearing into the ground and treasures are slow to surface! Today. I wish you a happy Friday the 13th,

Quite a magical day for Halloween inspired folks! As promised, I am working of bring you more photos! As I am greeted by the wonderful thaw I hope to share more with you, it is so amazing!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I woke up early this morning. I heard a light summon from the fairy of cupcakes, oh yes she was blessing me with visions of white cake frosted in pink goodness.... oh goodness. How sweet that was to start my day, being kissed ever so gently on the nose by a fairy! Oh, you probably think I ATE a sweet little cupcake... nope- I did not eat the cupcake... The cupcake fairy has been hoovering nearby all day whispering to me. In the not so distant future I will consume a cupcake and maybe a cuppa Joe at my favorite little place to go for some unwind time.

I have been so busy with every aspect of life and today is my day to not be so very busy. I work at an art gallery/museum, and we just opened a new exhibit. This was so much fun and so much work but was very well received in our community. We are all working on postcard for our next exhibit happening at the end of the month. Check it out at:

Through the past week I have been working on a new Prim Pumpkin Creation. She is a delight and it has been a whimsical journey but it has alerted me to the FACT that I need a sewing machine. I have been looking at the usual suspect places(Target-Meijers- Walmart)with no real excitement. My doll clothing would have so many possibilities if I only had this technology!!! I have applied at a few shows this year with my dolls, but I am not sure how I feel about it. I think It would be great to get the word out but at the same time I am not real sure if people will get the wonder of a total display of Halloween pumpkin characters. Maybe I should target specialty shows.

My goal for the week is to get my camera working. I received a very nice one for Christmas and have yet to figure it out! A little note for all whom I was going to share my winning lotto ticket with, I did not win. I did however WIN a special art doll from EHAG more wonderfully specific... Joyce Stahl . I will post a picture when I have the camera under control.

Wish some luck to me!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

hold dear

What do you hold dear? It's amazing to me that so much of who we ARE is reflected in what we hold dear. I love books and magazines and music- so very general but I could spend pages telling you about the way pride and prejudice is the best book ever, or about how I go to Barnes weekly searching out MY favorite magazines, or about who I am listening to at the moment so I will just be general. Do you think it's possible that by collecting things and holding them dear we are seeking to preserve a wonderful memory. I have so many of my Grandma's things. Tea sets and sparkling doo dads... I think that by holding THEM dear I am really holding as tightly as I know how, to her... her legacy and HER dreams and HER tender way. Is that wrong to put such an attachment with things? I am not sure.