Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Did you know that beautiful pumpkins blossom in the dead of Michigan's winter? Well dear blog reader that is precisely what has happened. And what a delight it is. I am so enjoying the creative process of life. What has life brought you today? Sometimes, the small, little things conspire to construct an amazing plan ... with the only purpose being to elicit a grin ...EVEN IF ITS A TINY GRIN :) Often random tubs of glitter, colorful cotton batting and the color ORANGE make me smile. I have learned to keep those things near me in my daily proceeding. It helps to surround your day with bits of bliss. Please feel free to leave a comment about your BITS OF bLiss. I would love to be pulled into your journey.

Friday, January 9, 2009


The day started in the artic tundra of MI. Snow blanketed us last night and we woke to spun cotton all over the ground. COLD cotton but cotton none the less.

I started my blog to share my spirited creations and day to day musings with you! I am a mommy, an artist and a dreamer; when these things swirl together in a cloud of powder and glitter strange wonderous things have taken shape for me. I am learning so much through this creative process and I can't wait to share with you... This is Rousseau. She was lovely to create.
What, do you ask, do pumpkins do in the off season??? Well they frolic around with amazingly whimsical frocks and dream of jilted loves.
Rousseau is the feminine spirit of pumpkin fields past. She was the belle of the pumpkintime ball, but sad as it is, her beau did not show. Was he purchased to pose as a child’s JACK-o-Lantern? We may never know... But Rousseau is still searching...
These days she can be found taking tea with the fairies in her little home. Which is located in the stump of a tree, and dreaming of her lost beau, Matthew Orangebottom.

I am still stumbling with the newness of blogging, hang with me and i'll get it figured out!